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Google Rolls Out Google Plus Ads That They Aren’t on Google Plus

Even if you are a Google plus hater you have to give Google some points for being more creative than other ‘social networks’.

The latest ‘innovation’ (if you want to have some fun about the death of the word innovation read this article from the WSJ) from Google are social media ads that don’t occur on the social media site. Instead they originate elsewhere through Google’s ad network and then turn into a post on Google+. Get it? If not here is a video for you to take a look at

Will it work and catch on? Who knows.

I think it makes some good sense. Trouble is, even though it seems cool I can’t imagine myself actually doing anything with one. That’s the thing about Google+. Not enough time in the day to really give it a go and, as a result, its other offerings don’t get the exposure they may deserve.

Where are you on Google+ these days? Use it? Find it helpful? Is it a good marketing channel?

  • oldman_60

    Google plus is for engineers and senior decision markers. It may be not for you.