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While most might think that improvements to Google Sheets is not marketing news it might be for those who have to crunch numbers (which are the ones doing the real marketing work, let’s be honest).

Also, anything that makes Google even more of a competitor to Microsoft should be of interest to everyone. Why? The more Google provides better and better services the more people will be even more Google centric than they already are which just perpetuates the continued theme of “It’s a google world and we are allowed to live in it.”

So what changes have been made.Take a look at this video from the Official Google blog.

Google is one company that simply doesn’t rest on its laurels (for the most part). Many of us have to make decisions on a daily basis as to how much we want to be ‘married’ to Google.

Do you think that there should be (self-imposed) limits as to how much information is shared with one company? Google may not look at data but they have it. As a result, people who work there could look at it. Google can talk all they want about security ad safety but very smart people (our readers) know that NOTHING is safe or sacred in the information age.

So what’s your take?

  • cynthialil

    I’ve used Google docs for years to share information with a group of remote workers. It’s the simplest way to get everyone on the same page – literally. The only thing that ever held me back was the lack of some functionality in the spreadsheets. Looks like that’s not a problem anymore.

    Am I worried about Google having my data? I think they have bigger people to spy on than me. LOL.

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