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you-failed-take-a-long-walk-off-a-short-pier-thumbSocial media creates some pretty funny stories. This is one of the funnier ones, in my estimation.

Business Insider reports

Forget distracted driving — the new hazard may be distracted walking.

A Taiwanese tourist walking in Melbourne, Australia fell into the icy waters of Port Philip Bay after walking off a pier while checking her Facebook page on her phone, BBC News reports.

The woman, who was not identified, was rescued about 20 minutes later after a witness saw her and alerted police. She was found “floundering in the water” and police did not believe she knew how to swim, according to a statement from Victoria Police.

If you are walking around or driving or doing whatever and you are so distracted that you do something incredibly stupid (like walk off a pier) it’s time to reconsider your social media use.

What do you think about being involved in anything to this point of distraction?