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Preview_HTC2Android is certainly a mainstay and it is no longer a question of whether iOS devices from Apple and Android devices will compete but just how much much they will go at each other.

One mystery in the Android world for those who are not developers is the Android OS update process. Which version of Android you have is often determined by your carrier and the device you have. It can be a little maddening to not be able to update your device to the current OS as easily as most iOS users can and do.

HTC is trying to remove a little of the mystery with a detailed infographic that gives insight into the Android OS process necessary. I say insight only because for me a complete understanding is impossible since each of these steps requires other steps within a step that I simply have no exposure to. Needless to say I have assumed that it’s a fair amount of detailed work and I am comfortable with that.

Here is the infographic and you can click the image to enlarge it.