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toyrus 24 hour“Toys R Us announced this week that its stores will remain open for 87 straight hours leading up to Christmas. Not to be outdone, the internet announced that it will be open all the time always forever.”

— Seth Meyers, SNL Weekend Update

When I heard that joke on this week’s Saturday Night Live episode, I laughed out loud. Then I realized how true it is. The internet has always been the place where you go shopping in your pajamas at 3 am. Sure, you could go to the 24 hour CVS but they don’t have the depth of selection.

Not only is the internet always open but it’s retailers are delivering goods faster than ever. From overnight deliveries to 1 hour local service, to instant downloads.

In order to keep track of the virtual hustle and bustle, Custora Pulse has build a real-time dashboard that compares holiday sales 2013 to 2012. Right now, they’re clocking the ecommerce last minute rush up to Santa’s big day. Things are finally settling down but they were booming well into the weekend.

Here’s what they’ve discovered so far:

Custora Pulse data shows strong growth during the last-minute shopping rush (Dec-15-18), with sales growing 13% over the same period in 2012.

Online traffic was especially strong during the last-minute rush, with 23% growth in visitors to online stores vs 2012.

One in three purchases was made on a mobile device (phone or tablet) during the last-minute shopping rush.

custora conversion

Looking at the entire period, we see a boost in Black Friday ecommerce conversions, a small boost on CyberMonday and a slight decline of the last-minute rush. I’m assuming the early drop off is because of the shortened holiday shopping season this year. And it’s not over yet. There are still retailers offering to get you your gifts by Christmas if you order today before closing. That’s dedication.

Are you still in the middle of the holiday rush or are you settled in for a long winter’s nap?