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I wouldn’t be bold enough to add to Matt’s words.

Anybody want to guest blog?!?!


    How can we trust an algorithm to correctly identify low quality guest blogging? We can’t, which is why we see such horrible collateral damage around the internet. We simply can’t trust what Matt Cutts says, because what he says is not the result of their algorithm. This is why there is so much manual action in the search engines, because the algorithm is not working very well at all.

  • Poor quality “guest blogging” existed before the Internet was invented. It appeared in the forms of poor quality press releases, for instance, that hard-press editors of low circulation magazines crammed in, knowing they were poor but they simply needed to fill space. Similar things happened in all sorts of print editorial prior to the web. But what did we do as readers? We ignored these rubbish articles; we turned the page. People are really very good indeed at spotting poor quality material. Indeed, we are much better at it than a mathematical algorithm which no matter how good it is doesn’t even approach the power of the human brain.

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