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You know the old saying, you can never have too many pinned pictures of shoes on Pinterest. . . or something like that. . . .

Pinterest’s latest iPad upgrade is all about quantity over quality. Not saying this is a bad thing, I’m just telling you how it is.

The experience begins with a new interface that is modern and shiny. The bottom navigation buttons make it easy to switch between the home view, search and pinning pages. But the real secret is in the new pinning sidebar.

Pinterest ipad 1

When you go to repin a photo from the site, the app automatically pops the left sidebar open with a list of your most recently used boards. Tap and you’re done. I repinned several images from my feed in 2 seconds. It’s so fast, you don’t even feel like you’re pinning. The upside for marketers is two-fold. On your end, you can now load your Pinterest boards with new content in a matter of minutes. On the other end, consumers are more likely to share more of your images because it’s so fast and easy.

For those who prefer to keep their fingers firmly planted on the screen, Pinterest has also added a slide instead of tap action.

pinterest ipad 2

Touch and hold anywhere on the page and you’ll get a wheel of circles. The options vary depending on where you are. If you’re on a board or an image close up that’s not your own, you get Pin It, Like, or Send. Send opens the sidebar so you can add a message and choose a recipient from Facebook or your iPad contacts.

If you perform the same touch and hold action on one of your own pins the options change to Pin It, Edit or Send. Pin It lets you add it to another board. Send is the same as above. Edit opens the sidebar so you can add or change the description field. You can also switch boards or delete from here but there doesn’t appear to be an option to change the URL. I found the edit tool to be clunky on the iPad but it will do for a fast fix.

Again, the whole point of this menu is to encourage quick pinning and sharing. You can plow through dozens of photos in your feed, liking and pinning with quick finger flicks and you never have to open or close a new page.

Sometimes when you touch and hold you get a light bulb icon which takes you to related pages. This is terrific for discovery but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work consistently.

Overall, this update should encourage shoppers to pin and share even more photos than ever. The only downside is that pinning isn’t buying. Personally, I think speed is your enemy if you’re trying to get consumers to convert. If brand recognition is your goal, then you’re good to go.