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There are actors who are so charismatic and with such amazing voices that people say, “I could listen to him read the phone book.” I think this is how Sprint got the idea for their new campaign that has stellar thespians James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell reading social media messages on an empty stage.

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Ironically, these commercials are a comical slam at the banal chatter that goes on via text and social media but rather than be insulted, fans are proclaiming their love for the ads.

Danielle Gray posted a Tweet about how much she enjoyed the commercial and now she’s going to help launch the next installment.

From AdAge:

The video launch will begin as a tweet from Sprint (@Sprint) to Danielle’s personal Twitter account at 6 p.m. Sprint and Danielle’s friends and fans will have the exclusive until midnight when it will be posted to Sprint’s Facebook page with her tagged.

When I first read this article, I assumed that Danielle’s Tweets would be the focus of the new commercial but on a second read I don’t think that’s true. AdAge says the content will be a text conversation between a boyfriend and girlfriend, so it sounds like not.

Still, hand an expensive ad over to one person on Twitter is a dramatic move, but it’s likely to set off the kind of viral storm they could never create with a normal launch. But wouldn’t it have made a bigger splash if it was Danielle’s actual Tweets? That’s a marketing opportunity that seems too good to miss.

The entire campaign, as silly as it is, works because we’ve had these conversations with our friends. We recognize the lazy, back-and-forth message style and the texting shorthand.

Sprint also got, what I imagine was an unintended boost, from Star Wars fans who follow James Earl Jones aka the voice of Darth Vader.

The success of these ads is proof that sometimes the little ideas work better than the big ones. These ads are simple, uncluttered and fun. How often do you see that on TV?

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