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thanksgiving weekend. . . .mostly good!

It’s Cyber Monday, which means folks are supposed to be making the switch from brick and mortar deals to online deals. During the night, the good people at the National Retail Federation pulled out their adding machines and set to crunching the Black Friday numbers. Here’s what they found out:

More than 141 million unique shoppers took advantage of the Thanksgiving weekend to do a lot of their holiday shopping. This is up from 139 million last year.

Many people grumble about stores that open on Thanksgiving but 27% more people shopped after dinner bringing the total up to 45 million. That’s a number that will certainly encourage stores to continue the practice.

25% of shoppers were at the store by 8 pm, leaving family members home to clean up the mess. 37.3% hit the store before midnight which is up from last year.  In the future, stores plan to open earlier on Thanksgiving and just hand out turkey legs at the door. Eat while you shop!

Black Friday was still the biggest day of the weekend: more than 92 million people shopped up from nearly 89 million last year.

That was the good news. The bad news is that even though more people went shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend, on average they spent less. This year they each averaged $407.02 over from Thursday to Sunday. Last year that number was  $423.55.

Online Excitement

59 million shoppers went online to shop over the weekend – that’s just short of half of all holiday shoppers.  The average spend was $177.67 per person. That’s a fraction of what shoppers spent offline but in general they said they were spending more of their budget online than in past years – a good sign for online only retailers.

Black Friday was also the biggest day for sales online with a slight drop-off on Saturday. We shall see where today takes us later.

What’s Going Under the Tree?

Many, many people are going to finding clothing and accessories under the tree this year (57.5%). 37.7% pounced on great electronics deals and an almost equal number stocked up on toys over the weekend. Books, CDs, DVDs and Video Games were the next biggest sellers. 29.6% of people will get to pick out their own gift because they’ll be getting gift cards this year and only 16.9% bought jewelry – so if you find a ring in your stocking, you’re very, very special.

While they were picking up gifts, 76.4% of shoppers also took advantage of deep discounts to buy something for themselves. That’s one way to make sure you get what you want this Christmas.

Any bets for Cyber Monday? Will it be better or worse than last year?





  • Anand

    Hey you says true Cynthia boris – 59 million shoppers went online to shop over the weekend – that’s just short of half of all holiday shoppers.