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fireIn Youtility, Jay Bear wrote, “content is fire, social media is gasoline” and I truly believe that. Yes, great content that is optimized for the search engines can generate a lot of awareness and new business, but by peppering in social media marketing strategies, you can truly light that content on fire and explode your business.

A lot our clients at Stryde, rely on us for content strategy and execution. They invest a lot of money into content initiatives and in return, expect a lot back in terms of awareness and revenue. I’m sure it’s the same at your agency or if you’re an in-house marketer, the same in your organization.

To me, this is fantastic! Companies are finally coming around and realizing that quality content, laser targeted to fulfill the needs of their potential customers works, and generates sustainable results. The problem is, as marketers, we’re not taking full advantage of this content and we’re only getting about half the value out of it as we should be.

In today’s post, I want to talk specifically about three things we do at Stryde to help maximize the effectiveness of each piece of content we create for our clients to get the full value out of our efforts. We refer to this as content amplification.

Paid Social Distribution

The first thing we do for worthy pieces of content is leverage paid distribution on the different social networks. These are Facebook Sponsored Posts, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, Sponsored Tweets, +Post Ads, and StumbleUpon Paid Discovery.

The trick with paid social distribution is choosing the right networks and targeting settings to reach your target audience as well as creating ads that look and feel organic. Remember, we live in a world where people hate to be sold, so if you can create ads that are native, you can do some real damage!

Content Recommendation

The second thing we do for worthy pieces of content is leverage content recommendation engines. A few that we use are Outbrain, Taboola, and Zemanta. Each of these services allow us to inexpensively reach our target audience on big sites like the Associated Press. I’m sure you’ve seen them everywhere… here’s a shot of what they look like:


As with paid social distribution, there are a few tricks you need to know about in order to make this effective. Strong headlines and photos are absolutely critical to encouraging the click-thru to your site. Once on your site, you need to make it as sticky as possible and work to increase page views, since most of this traffic will just bounce. If you can figure out those two things, you’ll generate a lot of fantastic traffic.


The third thing we do for almost every piece of content is making sure that we are building our audience list in Google Adwords so we can retarget those individuals who came to the site and didn’t initially engage. Retargeting is extremely inexpensive, especially for bringing blog traffic back to the site. Our goal here is to have another change of subscribing to a newsletter or taking other action on the site. It’s truly a fantastic way to stretch your content further!

To wrap this thing up, I think it’s important to mention that it isn’t wise to just turn these things on and let them run. You constantly need to be tweaking and optimizing each component of your content amplification campaign to get the most out of it.

When done correctly, you will get more out of the investment you put into your content, you will generate more awareness, you will generate more revenue, and I’ll throw this one in here… if you’re an SEO, you’ll generate fantastic, organic backlinks to drive up your rankings.

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Greg ShueyGreg Shuey is a co-founder of Stryde, a customer acquisition firm that builds and executes holistic online marketing campaigns to drive leads and ROI for their clients. To learn more about Stryde, visit their website or check out their blog.

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