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Video can be a marketer’s best friend or worst enemy. Everyone is in agreement of the value of video. We are in a content crazy world (at least that’s what marketers believe although what type of content is delivered is often extremely questionable but that’s for another post) and that content machine needs to be fed.

The latest technique getting a lot of attention is the use of video. Video has been around since the beginning of the net but with the mobile experience becoming better and better there is a greater push for video than ever before.

Which brings us to just what is needed for effective video content delivery. Before I go any further I will add my two cents here by saying that having video that starts and blasts the audio before I want it to, is a fast track to me hating a product or brand. Yelling and screaming in the public square looks desperate rather than confident. Now back to our regularly scheduled information.

eMarketer reports about how B2B customers and prospects respond to video


Some insights from the eMarketer article

In many of eMarketer’s interviews with market leaders over the past year, we asked about video best practices. One of the key themes? Spin a good tale.

“People in general gravitate toward visual storytelling,” explained Liya Sharif, senior director of global marketing at Qualcomm. “Video is an incredible way to tell a story for either a B2B or B2C brand.”

Jennifer Anaya, vice president of marketing for North America at Ingram Micro, added, “Even though this is B2B, everyone likes a good story, and everybody likes to laugh.”

In other words, if you make your videos nothing more than a data dump for your product information or you ‘preach’ why buying your product is the best move then you are missing the point. Like in any sales environment, stories sell. People like to be drawn into things in a more innocent way than being told they need your product because it’s the best and it answers all the questions the prospect has.

What if you didn’t actually answer every question with your catch all video? Well, you look like a sales schmuck. I suspect most marketers don’t set out with that as their goal but a surprising number wind up there.

What are you doing with video? Are you telling a good story or simply barfing information over prospects but making it look cool in a video?