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Pinterest widgetSocial media takes time. Tweets here. Facebook updates there. Pics pinned to Pinterest and videos on YouTube. I’m always juggling how much of what I do in one place I bring over and post in another place. Best case scenario is a tool that does it for me.

Today, that tool is the new Pinterest Widget. With a few clicks, you can bring a single Pinterest board or up to 30 of your latest pins over to your website or blog. It’s completely interactive, too. Visitors can click to enlarge any photo in the box and repin to their own Pinterest pages without leaving your site.

If they want to leave, they can use the See on Pinterest button to go to your profile page.

To install the widget, you have to have a business account. They make it easy to convert your personal account if it’s appropriate to do so.

The Widget Maker is on the same page as the Pin Buttons. Type in your full Pinterest URL or choose a single board then pick a size. You can create a square, a long sidebar, a wide and narrow header banner or you can “Roll Your Own” by filling in the dimension boxes.

I tested this using the widgets on my WordPress blog and it works beautifully. Note that there are two pieces of code. One goes at the end of your template code, the other where you want the widget to show. Sounds harder than it is. I had mine up and running in two minutes.

If you’re spending time keeping up a Pinterest page, let those photos do double duty.

Pinterest and I would also like to remind you that how you fill out the description box is extremely important.

The description is an important part of captivating Pinners. Set a scene that incorporates the right search words, and you’ll help Pinners imagine themselves with your Pin. Tory Burch carefully crafts Pin descriptions to make them aspirational and to provide a resource to Pinners— including helpful style tips, like these black strappy heels. “We love shoes, our community loves shoes and we also know that when people buy shoes they want to know what they can wear them with,” said Tory Burch creative director Honor Brodie.

This applies to both pins you submit by hand and the auto text that generates when people pin from your site. I can’t tell you how often I go to pin a great product from an ecommerce store only to find a horrendous descriptions with HTML code and broken sentences. The only thing worse is an ecommerce store that doesn’t have a Pinterest button on every item. I want to share but you gotta give me a hand here.

Your assignment for the week is to get your Pinterest affairs in order. Clean up your text. Install buttons and widgets and freshen your boards. It’s a great tool but only if you use it.



  • Cynthia,
    I see you’re pushing out the “image” articles today. Ha! I know Pinterest is a hot place. My wife loves that website. As far as using it for business, I haven’t started. It’s on the list, and something I definitely want to pursue. Thanks for nudging me in the right direction. Have a great weekend!