The Tablet Experience: Survey Says More Desktop, Less Smartphone

usablenet tablet browsingI’m going to say this one more time: a tablet is NOT an overgrown smartphone. An iPhone app with a 2X option is not the answer. A mobile site that expands to fill the bigger screen is not the answer. As a matter of fact, a survey from Usablenet says that thinking Smartphone –> Tablet is just wrong, wrong, wrong. The people they surveyed said online sellers and content providers would be better off going from Desktop —> Tablet, creating a similar or identical experience on both devices.

When asked what matters most, a combined 60% of respondents wanted their tablet experience to be the same or nearly the same as their desktop experience.

Google Fourth Quarter: CPC Is Down but Clicks Are Up

flipface-h01Type “Google” into the news search and scan today’s headlines. At a glance, it’s hard to tell if Google’s Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year Results 2013 report was good news or bad news. Google fell short of expectations. Cost Per Click is dropping. Motorola Mobility buy was a failure.

Now for the flip side: analysts expected Google to show a profit of $12.21 a share on revenue of $16.75 billion.

They missed the mark but not by much: $12.01 per share but compared to last year’s $10.65, it’s quite a jump.

Fourth-quarter revenue rose 17% to $16.86 billion. Not bad.

Let’s talk advertising:

Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora told the press:

Facebook Releases a New Reader App That Makes Their Own App Look Clunky

Paper from FacebookRemember when we used to write actual letters and mail them to people or create stories by typing on a typewriter? Well, none of that is coming back, but Facebook wants you to feel the nostalgia for a moment before you launch Paper, their new “storytelling”  app.

Paper is the first app to come out of Facebook Creative Labs and it’s a beauty. At the core, it’s a curated news reader and so, I suppose, is Facebook. But Paper is elegant and bold and simple and intuitive. It’s about content not clickables. As I writer and reader, I couldn’t be more pleased.

I’ll tell you what Paper does, but you really need to see it in action to appreciate the beauty of this app.

41 Percent of Mobile Owners Plan to Use Apps During the Super Bowl

When people sit down on the couch during the Super Bowl this Sunday, they won’t just be watching the game. According to a survey by Harris Interactive on behalf of SOASTA, 41% of smartphone and tablet owners will be using their devices to multitask. The percentage crossed the halfway mark when you count just millennial women.

What will people be doing on their mobile devices? Quite a few things, actually:

Super Bowl App Usages

The majority of multitaskers said they use their device to access their social media networks during the game (27%). In 2013, Twitter saw a record breaking 24.1 million game related Tweets. The half-time show alone sparked 5.5 million Tweets. And remember how Oreo scored the big win with their on-the-spot ad during the infamous blackout.

Oreo Super Bowl 2013

Facebook iPhone Update Includes Option to Hide Posts

In the US, 78.9% of Facebook’s daily users access the site via a mobile device – and Facebook just gave a lot of them a way to easily hide your posts.

IMG_0786(Forgive me Regal, this was only a test.)

The “What’s New in Version 6.9.1″ notes on today’s updates says you can now “Choose whose posts you see in News Feed.” We’ve had this ability on the web for awhile but I guess it wasn’t available on the app until now. I didn’t notice, mostly because I rarely bother “hiding” posts.

When you click the little arrow on a post you can choose “I don’t want to see this.” And if you don’t understand that, Facebook includes an explanation below the prompt: “Hide this post from News Feed.”

Facebook is the Most Visited Social Network; Twitter and Google+ Tied for 3rd

Forrester surveyed 60,000+ US adults to find out which social networks are popular with different generations.


The follow up question should be, “Which of the following websites do you intentionally visit at least monthly?” I’m looking at you, Google+!

Facebook Launches Custom Audience Ads to Promote Mobile App Engagement

Facebook app mobile adFacebook just launched an ad customization tool to help mobile app owners keep their users engaged. With a few simple clicks, a marketer can design a campaign that speaks to a very specific sub-set of users nudging them to complete or continue a desired behavior.

There are probably a hundred different ways to mix and match the available data but you’re mostly looking at four types of actions; registration, purchase, app opens and rewards.

For each campaign you create a new “custom audience.” Let’s say we want to nudge people who haven’t made a purchase in awhile to come back and buy again.