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At the end of the year, Venture Beat posted an article titled “26 amazing startups you need to watch in 2014“. I’m a big fan of start-ups, so I read the piece and was struck by how many of these ideas could be the next big thing for marketers. So I’m here to boil down their list to my picks for what could be the next Instagram, Vine, or Pinterest of 2014.


This iPhone app is the bridge between Vine and full-blown video editing. You’re still working with six second clips, but instead of looping, Cameo let’s you string those clips together to make a two-minute movie. They want you to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. To help you, they have preloaded themes and trendy music that’s free to use.

Watch this short Cameo film from Chas García and then imagine the possibilities.

a way to be goodSadly, the embed code didn’t work so you’ll have to click this link:


This app is a mobile link to your personal computer. You can use it to access any document, video, photo or music file that resides on your hard drive at home or the office. No syncing. No cloud. No security issues. What makes it even cooler for marketers is that it allows you to share files with other users on a temporary, not downloadable basis. That means you can send a draft of your new book to a customer or reporter for review, but revoke their access at any time. They can read it, but they can’t save it.

The one downside is that you have to leave your computer running and connected to the internet for the app to work, but I think most business people do that anyway, so no problem.


This is the next generation in customer relations software that uses “relationship intelligence” to automatically manage and up-date your customer interactions. The tool scans Office 365 and Google Apps, including Gmail and Google Calendar, also LinkedIn and Facebook (if you connect them) then analyzes and catalogs the interactions.

This tool is particularly helpful when you have a team of sales people working off the same database because it cleans up multiple entries to create one, correct contact page. Then the system automatically sends reminders when it’s time for a foll0w-up so you won’t loose a customer because his account fell through the cracks.


Someday we might all have a 3D printer in our home. Until then, there’s Shapeways. This company will print almost anything you desire – except money.

Here’s a sweet graphic that shows how it works:

shapewaysPrices start at around $1.50 per cm for plastic items, but they can also work in metal and ceramics. The pricing happens as soon as you upload your art so you can test a few ideas to see if it’s cost effective.

Use Shapeways to make a quick prototype of a new item to show customers or create unique giveaways for the special people on your contact list.

Is there a start-up you’re particularly fond of? Tell us about it in the comment section so we can all check it out.


  • It will surely be interesting to see how these startups perform in the following months. They all look promising no doubt, but let’s see, 🙂