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When people sit down on the couch during the Super Bowl this Sunday, they won’t just be watching the game. According to a survey by Harris Interactive on behalf of SOASTA, 41% of smartphone and tablet owners will be using their devices to multitask. The percentage crossed the halfway mark when you count just millennial women.

What will people be doing on their mobile devices? Quite a few things, actually:

Super Bowl App Usages

The majority of multitaskers said they use their device to access their social media networks during the game (27%). In 2013, Twitter saw a record breaking 24.1 million game related Tweets. The half-time show alone sparked 5.5 million Tweets. And remember how Oreo scored the big win with their on-the-spot ad during the infamous blackout.

Oreo Super Bowl 2013

Twitter says it took advertisers only 4 minutes to create and post a Promoted Tweet based on the power outage.

Let’s get back to those multitaskers. 18% said they’d be playing a different kind of game (Angry Birds, Candy Crush) on their mobile device while watching the big game. This is likely to be the coldest Super Bowl on record so 16% will be checking weather apps throughout the day.

The other apps they plan to access include:

  • Sports (15%)
  • News (13%)
  • Video (12%)
  • Food delivery (6%)
  • Gambling (5%)
  • Fantasy Football (5%)
  • Dating (4%)

Yes. Dating.

I thought food delivery would be higher but maybe there aren’t enough app options in that category to bump up the percentage.

What does all of this mean for marketers? It means, whether you’re a football fan or not, you should be on social media come game day. Join the conversation, tie it into your brand when you can (but not constantly). If you’ve got a clever design team on standby, watch out for those Tweetable moments such as blackouts, whiteouts (snow!), major missteps, and triumphs over adversity. These are the things people will be hashtagging, so grab hold of those when you can.

Here’s hoping you score big on Super Bowl Sunday.