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mhOjonIOnce again, mobile owners ruled the internet on Christmas Day setting a new record. According to IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, 48% off all online traffic on the holiday came in on a mobile device. That’s an increase of 28.3% over last year.

Mobile also accounted for nearly 29% of all online sales for the day, beating 2012 by a whopping 40%.

Smartphones and tablets both played a huge part in the numbers for different reasons. Smartphones drove 28.5% of all online traffic compared to tablets at 18.1%. But when you look at sales, the numbers flip. Tablets accounted for more than double the online sales on Christmas – 19.4% tablets to 9.3% smartphones.

Tablet users also spent more, an average of $95.61 per order, versus smartphone users with an average of $85.11 per order.

Quite a bit of holiday traffic was likely generated by new mobile owners who happily took their new device out for a test drive. For those numbers, we turn to Chitika.

chitika smartphone share

To create this chart, Chitika sampled “tens of millions of smartphone and tablet online ad impressions from the Chitika network” from December 20 to December 29. The result is two sets of numbers. The gray bar shows the brand that is sending in the most impressions. The percentage represents the loss or gain post-holiday. From this, we can somewhat extrapolate which devices came into a household and which ones went out.

On the smartphone side, Apple and Samsung dominate for impressions but only Apple showed a post-holiday gain. Looks like lots of people got brand new iPhones for Christmas. Google held steady while every other brand lost ground, including Samsung.

On the tablet side:

Chitika tablet share

Apple is still dominating like a cranky tyrant over a small village but it looks like the villagers are slowly crossing the border into Amazon town. Amazon ran a strong and compelling campaign for their new Kindle Fire line with ads that demoed the inventive Mayday Button. Just last night, I saw a Kindle Fire ad that started out like an ad for iPad Air. In the end, I learned that KindleFire is just as good in many ways for a lot less. I’m an Apple lover but Kindle is playing a siren song, slowly drawing me closer and closer to the edge.

Microsoft, Samsung and even Google all saw upticks in holiday traffic, but with that lead, I doubt Apple is worried.

Finally, let’s go back to IBM for one last interesting holiday fact:

The Social Influence – Facebook vs. Pinterest: Shoppers referred from Facebook averaged $72.01 per order, versus Pinterest referrals, which drove $86.83 per order.  However, Facebook referrals converted sales at nearly four times the rate of Pinterest referrals, perhaps indicating stronger confidence in network recommendations.

Mobile. Social. Mobile. Social. Get used to it because it’s not going away.


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