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vine chickenYou know how it’s hard to eat just one potato chip? Or two. Or six. . . good luck turning away from the next generation of Vine – Vine on the Web. (Which I really want to call Vine on the vine even though it makes no sense).

When you login at you can view your home feed. You can also like, comment and share videos from the page. When you “revine” a video it adds that video to your home page profile, which you can also access via the web portal. If you want it to show up on Twitter, that’s a different button.

Now, I hear you saying this isn’t new. But it is. In the past, you could look at individual Vines on the web but not an entire sequence that goes on forever and ever. And therein lies the problem. Once you start skimming the list you’re hooked. Eventually, jerky video nausea takes over and forces you to give up and go back to back. (Pout)

When I checked it out today, I was amazed by the level of creativity. I saw dozens of mini-movies, inspiring vistas and just plain funny stories. Some of them just boggle my mind. Check out Derp’s animated robot Vines. Then there’s Daniel Ojanlatva who mixed iPhone videos of people with stop-motion animated objects, incredible.

But that’s not all! Vine has also added the ability to watch videos full screen-ish. They call it TV Mode. It blows the video up to half your screen with the text on the right. At the bottom is a forward button that you can use to advance to the next video and the next and the next. . . yeah. It’s so hard to stop.

vine full screen

Don’t you want to see this Dachshund go fishing? See the baby make the cell phone call? Watch the sun come up over the mountains. You know you do.

When you’re done (in an hour from now), start brainstorming marketing ideas because now that Vine is this easy to use even more people will be signing up to watch the show. Be a part of it at