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Remember Delicious, the bookmarking site that spells their name funny ( They’re back with a brand new redesign that looks about as old school as you can get.

delicious main screen

For those of you who are new to the internet, Delicious is like Pinterest only without the pictures. You use it to save links to all those articles on the web that you might want to revisit someday or share with the world. There was a time when a well-kept Delicious account was a the place to go to discover the best of the best on a particular subject. My fannish friends used to catalog mountains of carefully tagged information and it was a real thing of beauty. Then an internal report from new owner Yahoo slipped out saying was about to ride into the sunset and users went into a panic. They started rebuilding their links elsewhere and never looked back.

Turns out the site never did get shut down but it took a heavy hit. Now, they’re trying to rebuild with a new, cleaner, faster design but the question is, are people interested in bookmarks without pics?

Here’s what’s new:

Quite a bit! The entire site has been streamlined into a single-column layout for faster navigation without any clutter, and we’ve made some other improvements.

  • Tags and tag bundles are accessible from the top of every page.
  • Links can be searched or filtered by tag with a single click.
  • Double click any link to add it to your collection or edit one of your existing bookmarks.
  • The Discover feed is now personalized. See relevant links from your feed when you connect with Twitter.

The potential is in the personalized Discover feed. Here’s mine:

Delicious Discover TabThe site seems to think I’ll enjoy an article about fandom and Doctor Who. Good job. Of course, it wasn’t hard given that I’ve barely used my account and everything in it is fannish.

The downside is that wonky Amazon ad. Why is it chopped off at the bottom? A site as simple as this one and they couldn’t design an ad space big enough to hold the banner properly? Maybe this is what they mean by “Experimenting with ads.”

Any ad or promoted content on the site will be transparent to users.  It is our goal to make such content as relevant to our users as possible. The introduction of ads will be an iterative process as we are conscious of preserving the existing Delicious experience and will make improvements based on feedback.

They also spent a lot of time releasing a slew of new apps including iPhone, iPad, Android and extensions for Firefox and Chrome.

Delicious (now spelled without the dots) appears to be dedicated to making it work. There’s only one thing standing in the way of them becoming a major force on the web – the users. The site’s search engine depends heavily on tags which means we’re all at the mercy of how people tag their bookmarks. I learned the hard way that Sleepy and Hollow are popular tags for x-rated material that has nothing at all to do with the show, movie or book. Learn something new every day.

Are you ready to give Delicious another try? With proper tagging and the new, robost Discovery engine, it could be a great way to get your content in front of new customers.