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It’s time for another change to your Facebook feed but this one might actually be a good thing. It’s called Trending and it’s what you’d expect – a list of trending topics from all over Facebook.

The topic list will appear in the right sidebar at the top. Interesting placement because it will push sponsored ads down a few inches. In the example Facebook supplied, the next box down is “People You May Know” so I assume ads are under that?

Trending 1

Facebook says this topic list will be personalized based on things you’re interested in as well as what’s hot on the site as a whole. In addition to the topic, there’s a brief statement of why the word or phrase is trending. I like that.

Click on one of the topics and you get a Trending page which lists “the most interesting posts from your friends or Pages that are talking about that particular topic.”

Trending 2Pages! They said Pages! Facebook is actually going to allow regular people to read what a business posted on Facebook. Incredible.

Of course, there’s no predicting which posts will make the cut so I don’t recommend trying to game the system. What I mean is, if you’re a camping retailer don’t bother posting about Kerry Washington’s baby bump. I think Facebook’s filter will be smart enough to know that’s not relevant content. If you sell maternity clothes or baby furniture, then by all means, talk about pregnant Kerry Washington to your heart’s content.

Trending is rolling out to select countries as we speak. I don’t have it yet. Do you? Facebook says they’re also testing this concept on mobile.

I think Facebook’s interface is much too cluttered already but I’m a fan of relevant content, so I like where they’re going with this. Want to take bets on whether or not Trending will still be trending six months from now? Remember all the hoopla around news subscription feeds? I’m guessing here and gone by July.

  • Pages. Will wonders never cease?

  • Facebook will always allow “free” promotion for Pages until we’re hooked on and validated its experiment – then it’ll monetise.