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sharethis women midwestWhen someone views your content, be it a blog post, video or image, that’s a wonderful thing. When someone shares your content with one other person by email, that’s terrific. But when someone shares your content with their entire social media circle on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest – that’s the golden ticket.

Sharing buttons have become so commonplace that I don’t thing we properly appreciate their place in the internet eco-system. When someone shares, it’s an implied recommendation from one friend to another. We all know how people respond to recommendations from friends. (Winning!)

And, thanks to sharing buttons, people discover content they might never have seen otherwise. I can’t search for something I didn’t know existed. But when one of my Twitter pals posts a link to a site that combines food and fandom – I’m there. I never would have looked for it but I’m so glad I found it.

ShareThis just posted their second quarterly Consumer Sharing Trends Report which looks at social sharing growth and demographics.

Can you guess which social media site showed the most growth this year?

ShareThis Social Growth

Pinterest! But in all fairness, Facebook had a pretty good showing, too. Twitter’s not looking so hot but email – wow. I’m not surprised. I rarely press the share by email button because it’s just too much trouble to fill in the email address and other info. Social media sharing is so much easier.

Note to content producers: test your share buttons today. Some of them don’t work and some produce very wonky messages.

Geographically speaking, Midwestern women love Pinterest.

ShareThis Location Sharing

People in the West preferred Facebook and Google+. Twitter and LinkedIn were favored in the Northeast. The Northeast also claimed the title for the most social sharing by population.

People shared most between the hours of 8:00 and 9:00 p.m., but the West Coast started sharing earlier than anywhere else at 7:00 a.m.

Best news of all, people shared 37% more content in 2013 than in the prior year. Click-backs per share are also up 12.6%.

Don’t miss out on a single click. Check your social sharing buttons today. Don’t have social sharing buttons? Then you’ve got another thing to add to today’s To Do list.