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New pinterest interestsPinterest is already one of the fastest growing social media networks on the web but they’ve got their sites set even higher in 2014.

The site is so simple, it doesn’t seem like they could do much to improve it and yet, over the past few months, they’ve added features that make it better and better. Or more accurately, they’ve added features that make it more accurate.

Today’s update is the best one yet, a new explore option that looks at your images and suggests options you might enjoy. But there’s more to it than that. The suggests are grouped by sub-categories so the response is more specific (and specific is good.)

For example, using the main Pinterest navigation menu, I can search DIY and Crafts. This nets me an enormous collection of everything from how to make cupcakes to turning a dirty pallet into a lovely wall divider. The new Interests tab sees that I’ve pinned Halloween cards so I’m given the option of viewing a page of nothing but Halloween cards.

And yes, I could just type Halloween cards in the search box but the best images are the ones you didn’t know you were looking for.

Here’s my interest page:

interest pageSome of this is random because I often upload images of fun things I find at the thrift store. I’m not interested in the fire department or hula girls – those just happen to be items I picked for resale. But that’s not Pinterest’s fault, that’s mine. Universal Studios, Alfred Hitchcock, Sleepy Hollow, Steampunk – they’re all spot on. Once I started clicking. . . oh man. . I could do this all day.

What I like best about this new way to search is that it’s a wider range of pins. When I view my home feed, it’s usually front loaded with half a dozen photos from the same pinner. Plus, just because I follow someone, doesn’t mean I’m interested in everything they pin. With the Interests page, I go right to my favorite items.

kitty louNow, here’s an interesting note. I went back and clicked on my Hula Girls plate (top right on the image above) and guess what? I got a page full of retro kitsch items, including items like this cat that doesn’t even have the word kitsch in the description.

That’s huge because it means the new Interests engine is capable of going beyond the text in the description box. Pinterest recently acquired a company that specializes in visual matching so this must be their handiwork.

It’s huge, because so many people don’t properly label their Pinterest pins.

If you use Pinterest for your business, Pinterest Interests is a great tool to help you find new people to follow (aka potential customers) and ups the chance of your pins being seen.

And even though it appears to go beyond the pin description, I’d still recommend you fill that box out completely using appropriate keywords. There’s plenty in this world that you can’t control, so take full advantage of the stuff you can.