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364 days a year, TV viewers go out of their way to avoid watching commercials. On Super Bowl Sunday it’s the other way around. That one day a year, TV viewers make a point of staying on the couch so they won’t miss a single 30 second spot. Then, they Tweet about it, rewatch the ads online and share them on Facebook.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the adman is king.

This year, YouTube is trying to extend the Super Bowl Commercial experience with a teaser channel they call Ad Blitz.

YouTube AdBlitz

Right now, you can log on to watch teaser clips from what will hopefully be the best Super Bowl Ads ever. You’ll see Don Cheadle and a llama sharing the screen for Bud Light. Pepsi stages a halftime show in a snowy, small town and Doritos invites you to vote for the ad that will win the big prize.

The most interesting and creepiest ad is from Squarespace. It shows us what life would be like if all those meme’s, GIFs and banner ads existed in the real world.

Ad Blitz will also feature commentary from Fox Sports, custom content from YouTube stars and a football toss game that was beyond my understanding. After the Super Bowl, you’ll be able to log on and vote for your favorite ads. Everything in the site is designed to push viewers to share through social media. The channel already has 69,000 subscribers.

All in all, it’s a safe investment for YouTube. Last year, viewers watched a handful of Super Bowl ads “more than 265M times for over 3.2M hours–that’s the equivalent of watching 800,000 Big Game broadcasts!”

Are you ready for some football. . . . video ads?