Most Internet Users Believe We’re Better off Thanks to the World Wide Web

04-the-online-social-climate-mostly-kindYou don’t have to search hard to find articles about how technology is ruining our lives, how the internet is full of predators, how the web has taken away our ability to communicate face-to-face with another human being.

I say, baloney. The internet is a good thing. It’s helped us break down global and cultural barriers. It’s given people a way to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into a reality. And it’s made us smarter. Truly, I believe that.

In honor of the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Web, Pew Research asked internet users to quantify their experience. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

  • 90% of internet users say the internet has been a good thing for them personally and only 6% say it has been a bad thing, while 3% volunteer that it has been some of both.

Want People to Open Your Emails? Put Their Name in the Subject Line

Chart 2 - Name in Subject LineBill. Susan. Listen to this. A new study by Retention Science shows a 2.6% increase in marketing email open rates when the person’s first name is in the subject line.

I think that’s both logical and weird. It’s logical because we’re drawn to our own name. It catches our eye when it’s included in a block of text. It’s weird because I think calling someone you don’t know by their first name is smarmy. Like when I’m at the bank and they end the transaction saying, “is there anything else I can do for you, Cynthia?” Am I the only one turned off by this?

New Study Says Real Men Do Shop for Laundry Detergent

Defy Male Shopper PercentsHere’s a business idea, a grocery store aimed specifically at men. Sound crazy? Maybe not. According to Defy Media’s 2nd annual Acumen Report: Brand New Man 65% of men are the primary shoppers for several household product categories. And here’s a well-kept secret, 67% say they actually enjoy shopping for the family.

I’m one of those rare animals that actually enjoys grocery shopping, so I get it. It can be very relaxing and freeing and if you’re a dad, it feels good to choose the products that are right for your family.

The report clearly shows that the modern man is less interested in being the bread-winner as he is about being the bread buyer or even baker!

Hot News of the Day: Facebook (as a Company) is Confusing

nZOZ9pcEvery morning I take a run through the Facebook blogs and various news outlets to see what’s going on in the social media marketing world. There are days when it’s busy. Days when it’s light but today, I came away more confused than ever.

Here’s my question: what is Facebook? Can you describe it in one sentence? Don’t tell me the company is too big to pin down. Amazon is huge but everyone knows what Amazon is and can do for you. Google is big, but we understand the function and how it’s useful.

Facebook? Not so much.

Here’s an example of two headlines in the news today:

“Facebook Messenger for Windows will shut down on March 3″

“Facebook Messenger Finally Coming To Windows Phone”

Google Offers Local Media a Helping Hand with Private Ad Exchange

The internet does a great job bringing people together from all over the world, but we still have a need for local news. For local newspapers, it’s been a rough road of late. According to Pew’s 2013 State of the News Media Report newspaper readership has been on a slow, but steady decline.

Pew ReadershipAnd what happens when readership falls off? Ad revenue follows.

Pew state of news mediaIn order to make up for the decline in print advertising, news outlets have no choice but to pick up the slack with online advertising. But as you can see from this chart, online is far, far away from matching what was lost.

Want People to See Your Facebook Page? Tag a More Popular Page in Your Post

Facebook Page Tagging PagesFacebook is finally doing something nice for businesses – so drop everything and listen because this doesn’t happen all that often.

Starting right this minute, when you post to your Page and you tag another Page – Facebook might show your post to the followers of that other Page.

Facebook’s example is confusing because they use Bleacher Report tagging Dwight Howard. Now that seems like they’re tagging a person but it’s really a Page. Now people who follow Dwight Howard might see this Bleacher Report post in their timeline.

Here’s a clearer example. Say I have a Page for my small skateboard shop. I only have 1,000 likes and my Page reach is lousy. So I post a message about a great skate park that I saw on TransWorld. I tag them in the post. They have 805K followers, some of which might see my post. People who are interested in what I sell, might see my post.

Mobile Advertising: How To Outperform Your Competition

mobileIt’s an epidemic. People everywhere are addicted to their mobile devices.

On average Americans are using their desktops less and spending about 158 minutes every day on their smartphones and tablets.  That’s over 40 full days a year!

While there is definitely a drastic shift in technology usage with 64% of mobile users actually making a purchase after seeing a mobile ad, nearly 74% have yet to receive mobile ads from their favorite brands.

Are you on the mobile bandwagon?  Now is the time to hop aboard or be left in your competitor’s dust.

Let’s take a look at four key strategies to help you optimize your mobile ads and outperform your competition…

1.    Make the move from clickable to tappable ads