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BURST MEDIA INFOGRAPHICVideo is a great marketing tool for almost everyone but if you’re in the home improvement industry, it’s a must. From hardware to housewares, more than half of the people surveyed by BurstMedia said they turn to online video for help and inspiration.

It all begins with good intentions. 1 in three said they plan to upgrade or redecorate their homes in the first part of 2014. Top projects for home owners include bathroom re-dos and landscaping. Renters will be concentrating giving their bedrooms and living room a fresh, new look.

Online Inspiration

Though most people (44%) said inspiration comes from their own imagination, up to 35% said they go online for ideas.

  • 60.7% of women—vs. 50.6% of men—say they turn to general home/DIY sites for redecorating and/or updating ideas and inspiration.
  • 52.2% of women, vs. 24.4% of men check social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest for inspiration.
  • More women than men also visit shopping sites for inspiration and home decor blogs.

Only 19% of people have created online look books to share their ideas with others.

Gender doesn’t matter when it comes to video. More than half of those surveyed said they intend to watch videos to help with their home improvement project. The percentage gets even higher when you look at older age brackets. 63.8% for men over 55 and up to 64.6% for women over 35. In other words, this is one of the few categories where video viewing rises with age – likely due to the fact that people over 35 are more invested in their home than younger people who are still on the move.


burstmedia home improvement vids

DIY Tips are the most popular videos in this category. Home decorating is hot with women, men lean toward home renovations and outdoor living.

Here’s one last interesting fact. Nearly half of all home improvers simply want to change the look, feel or layout of a room. In other words, they’re just looking for a cosmetic fix. That’s great news for home goods retailers. All you need to do is present your customers with striking photos and informative videos and they’ll line up to buy.

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    We have been adding a lot more video to our website and the time on site has exploded.