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Facebook targetingI’m engaged!

With that declaration Susan just opened the door to Facebook  marketers via their improved Core Audience targeting tool. The local wedding planner can hit her up, the travel agent can send her ads for a Hawaiian honeymoon, and Damian the divorce lawyer can send his contact information. . . just in case.

There’s nothing like behavioral targeting to really help sell, sell, sell.

Going forward, there will be four main targeting areas: Location, Demographics, Interests and Behaviors.

Location is exactly what it sounds like, the ability to target Facebook users in a specific area. That could be as large as a state or as small as a zip code.

Demographic could be one of the most powerful switches to flip. Here you can target people who are parents, are from a certain political party, work at specific type of job or have a college education.

In addition, this is where you’ll find recent changes in relationship and life events. You can also define the time period. For example, the jeweler can choose people who were married a year ago (Anniversary gift!). A retailer of baby clothes can target people who had a baby three months ago. The local realtor can hit up that newly engaged couple in their area with new home suggestions.

Interests is all about the topics that grab us on Facebook. Find the people who follow a major league baseball team or constantly click on the movie pages. Find music fans, crafters, or campers. All you need is a keyword and you’re in.

Finally, there’s Behaviors. This includes targeting based on mobile devices and (in the US) Partner Categories. This is things like people who bought children’s cereal or an SUV.

Some of these options were available in the Power Editor but soon Facebook will roll them all into the easy Ad Create Tool. The only downside to having so many options is deciding exactly which boxes to check.

If you’re new at this, remember that it’s not a one shot deal. You might have to test a variety of targeted ads before you hit on the ones that work best for your small business.