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Friday is Valentine’s Day and believe it or not, you still have plenty of time to market to young lovers all over the US. According to Facebook, 37% of men are still planning Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day. That number drops to 28% for women, but that means you can make that sale right up to the last day with the proper item and messaging.

Most Romantic time of the year

If your online marketing leads to a local business like a restaurant, spa or retail store, you’re in great shape. If your product is purely online, you’re not out of the game yet. Last minute lovers will be happy to pop for the overnight shipping charge just to prove they didn’t forget the holiday. You can also snag them with creative solutions such as digital gift cards or a downloadable stand-in image for the real gift which is on the way.

Even if you’re not pitching for a direct sale, you can get on the radar this week by using the top keywords in all of your social media postings. (Facebook created this chart so keep it under your hat if you use their technique to score points on Twitter.)

Language of Love on Facebook

It’s nice to see that the word love is at the top of the chart but it tickles me to see chocolates right below it. Notably missing from this list; diamonds, jewelry, and hearts. Looks like candy and a nice dinner is all you really need to score on Valentine’s Day.