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mobileIt’s an epidemic. People everywhere are addicted to their mobile devices.

On average Americans are using their desktops less and spending about 158 minutes every day on their smartphones and tablets.  That’s over 40 full days a year!

While there is definitely a drastic shift in technology usage with 64% of mobile users actually making a purchase after seeing a mobile ad, nearly 74% have yet to receive mobile ads from their favorite brands.

Are you on the mobile bandwagon?  Now is the time to hop aboard or be left in your competitor’s dust.

Let’s take a look at four key strategies to help you optimize your mobile ads and outperform your competition…

1.    Make the move from clickable to tappable ads

The first rule of thumb with mobile ads is that less is more but that doesn’t mean just shrinking your online banners to fit a mobile screen.  Responsive ads use contrasting colors, simple messaging (keep copy to seven words or less) and have call-to-action buttons that are large and can easily be tapped.  Rich media ads also tend to perform better than static banners.


2.    Use local targeting

Did you know that 83% of consumers rely on their mobile device to decide where to dine while traveling?  Meanwhile 80% of smartphone owners want more mobile-optimized information while shopping?

Take advantage of local-based targeting abilities in your ads by offering time-sensitive discounts and walk-in specials.  Advertisers with a physical location can really gain a competitive edge by paying attention to where their target consumers are and promoting to them based on their zip/postal codes and radius from an address.


3.   Clean landing pages

A staggering 46% of users say they will never return to a mobile site that is not working properly.

As you design your mobile-friendly site, always keep in mind how you are going to deliver the information to your customers with minimum swiping and tapping.

When a consumer clicks through your ad, they should arrive at a landing page optimized for smaller screens but that also offers them the same familiar experience as your online website.  Trim down on unnecessary content and images for quicker loading times, use vertical navigation, enlarge important interface elements and don’t forget to provide options for social sharing.  Also be sure to think about how consumers might use your mobile versus your desktop site (ex. to check for GPS directions).


4.   See what your competition is up to

It can be time consuming and costly to test new traffic sources and banner creative but luckily there are some tricks to eliminate some of the guesswork.  Using competitive intelligence tools like WhatRunsWhere you can look into what’s working for your competitors or any advertisers targeting the same niche, and learn from their insights.


Find out what mobile sites or apps they are running their ads on, the duration of their campaigns and the type of creative and copy they are using.  From there, take the elements that are working and apply them to your mobile marketing strategy.


Last year’s global smartphone penetration surpassed the penetration of desktop computers meaning that more and more people are turning to their mobile devices for research, to make purchases and stay connected to their social networks.

Don’t ignore the shift to mobile. Embrace it and beat your competitor to the punch.

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