Twitter Includes Promoted Accounts in Search

Twitter Promoted SearchWhile Gmail is working to make marketing messages less prominent, Twitter is going the opposite way. They’re now allowing Promoted Accounts to show up as a search result.

In this example, the Twitter user foolishly searches for examples of latte art. Don’t they know this is a job for Pinterest? Apparently not. So they search Twitter and the first thing on the list is a Promoted suggestion. Follow The Barista Bar because they’re the Picassos of latte art.

Note that this is completely different from Promoted Tweets. We’ve been seeing those in the search results for awhile. These are Promoted Accounts.

This past December, Twitter began inserting Promoted Account messages into the timeline. Insertions were based on user locations and interests. If a users clicked to follow the brand, the brand paid Twitter a bounty.

Gmail Adds Easy Unsubscribe Button to the Top of Branded Emails

Almost all marketing emails (legit ones, anyway), come with a clear unsubscribe link in the footer. But Google says that’s not good enough. They’ve taken it upon themselves to save Gmail users from the rigorous action of having to scroll all the way to the bottom of an email by adding an unsubscribe link in the email header.

Here’s one from my Gmail box.

unsub button

There it is, right after the return address for the sender – a simple, underlined Unsubscribe. But that’s not all.

When you click a traditional unsub button, you’re transported to another page where you might have to confirm your email address or which services you want to stop. Many will also ask you why you’re unsubscribing (I dislike those) and some actual get angry with you for leaving. (Seriously, if you have one of those screens, it’s not funny. Stop it.)

GoDaddy and Others Say they’re Making eCommerce Easy

ecommerceI’ve sold a lot of things online over the years. I’m on eBay and Etsy and Amazon and I’ve sold one-off items through my blogs and Craigslist and oh so many other ways. . . But last week, I decided to to fulfill my dream of building out my own ecommerce store.

Did I say dream? Try nightmare.

What’s crazy is, I’m a web-savvy gal. I’ve been building websites since the days of HTML coding and GeoCities but this ecommerce thing is throwing me for a loop. The trouble is there are so many options and so many pros and cons to each of those options, I’ve run myself in circles. One has all of the US postal options but the formatting was lousy. The other has great formatting but I have to pay for postal options. I could just pay a high fee per month right out of the gate, but honestly, I’m not sure it would help. How do people without any tech background do it?

Twitter: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

film-reel-series-174731-mSo many people Tweet while watching TV that Nielsen now uses those stats to help determine a show’s popularity. Networks are also incorporating more Twitter activity into their programs including hashtags that guide the conversation and live Tweeting from actors and crew. And of course, marketers have learned how to place promoted Tweets alongside the right shows for an even bigger burst of engagement.

If Twitter works so great on the small screen, it’s safe to assume that it will work just as well on the big screen, too!

According to AdAge, Twitter is teaming up with cinema pre-roll ad company NCM Media Networks to further connect with the entertainment-loving audience.

Loyalty Program Members Say they Shop More, Spend More and Share More

vonscardI have to go grocery shopping today and I have a choice of two store with loyalty programs. One is going to give me .20 a gallon off gas at my preferred gas station. I need gas. Guess which store is getting my business today.

There’s nothing subtle about loyalty programs. According to a new report from Forrester 71% of consumers belong to at least 1 program but the average consumer belongs to eight. It’s the next number that hits home:

48% of adults cite customer loyalty programs as a top motivator for interacting with brands that they like.

Tweak Round-Up: YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter

Pin It ChromeA few of our favorite social media players made tweaks to their systems this week. Nothing that’s going to change how the game is played but it’s nice to see them refining their tools for a better experience. (Better experience means more users and more users means more eyes on your ads.)

Pin It for Chrome Gets Smarter

To encouraging more pinning, Chrome users will now see a Pin It button when they mouse over an image.  If you don’t like this functionality, you can shut it off via options then use a right click to access the Pin It button.

Two things jump out at me on this. First is Pinterest’s phrasing:

This makes it easier and faster than ever to save articles, blog posts, recipes, products, and more, and then get back to browsing.

Google to Gain Superhuman Bot Fighting Powers, Thanks to a Spider

Spider.ioFor much of 2012, Marketing Pilgrim was under the “attack” of a rather nasty bot. Not bad enough to take down the site, but it certainly made it difficult to wade through our Google Analytics.

Thanks to the expert research of, we were able to finally identify the characteristics of the attack, and block the offending bot browsers. So, unlike many Google acquisitions, that leave us scratching us scratching our heads, its purchase of and team makes a lot of sense.

Our immediate priority is to include their fraud detection technology in our video and display ads products, where they will complement our existing efforts. Over the long term, our goal is to improve the metrics that advertisers and publishers use to determine the value of digital media and give all parties a clearer, cleaner picture of what campaigns and media are truly delivering strong results. Also, by including’s fraud fighting expertise in our products, we can scale our efforts to weed out bad actors and improve the entire digital ecosystem.