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Link or Cake?It almost seems crazy that we even need a court ruling on this, but the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that it is legal to link to another web site.

Google’s sphincter just relaxed a little.

I mean, can you imagine an internet where we needed to get permission before linking to each other? Google, for one, would have to shut down immediately. Fortunately, the courts–at least this European one–have obviously read the legal text, “How to state the bleedin’ obvious” and ruled on a case where some journalists where claiming that a link to their story infringed on their copyright.

The plaintiffs wanted to be compensated for the hyperlinks placed by Retriever because, they alleged, the defendant infringed on copyrights by linking to the articles without paying the copyright holder…

…“The Court concludes from this that the owner of a website, such as that of Retriever Sverige, may, without the authorisation of the copyright holders, redirect internet users, via hyperlinks, to protected works available on a freely accessible basis on another site,” it said.

So, sit back, relax, and link to as many web sites as you wish. I know you’ve been holding off such activities, pending this ruling. 😛

  • cynthialil

    And here I go getting excited when someone linked to my post.

  • I’m assuming that if that would have passed, ICANN would have to rename the “Internet” to something like “JABOP” for “Just A Bunch Of Pages”.

  • lol! this is crazy. those journalists are crazy!

  • FrankReed

    Anything coming out of the EU is going to seem extreme as they simply grasp at straws to gain more control and thus garner more power all under the guise of protecting the poor people of Europe who are apparently not able to think for themselves. I know the people in the EU can certainly think for themselves but the EU acts as if the average European needs to be ‘protected’. Once again just another way to usurp more power from the consumers. I hope the folks who think this kind of government control and oversight is good wake up and smell the coffee. If they don’t they will be told when, where and how they can do anything and ‘freedoms; will be a thing of the past.