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conquer-the-world-1-1058111-mEarlier today, we talked about how the whole world is using Facebook for some reason or another, but a new study says that if you want to reach the young, wealthy, hip people – you’ll find them on Twitter.

Frank N. Magid Associates just published some notes from a new research study that shows the teen population on Twitter is growing.

Teen users of Twitter grew from 39% of 12-17 year-old social media users in 2012 to 44% in 2013.

Counter this with all the talk about teens abandoning Facebook. Facebook says it isn’t so but if you’re looking for influencers and engagement I’d put my money on Instagram and Tumblr over the big F.

The bigger key for marketers is that teens have a more positive attitude toward Twitter. They called it trendy and unique and said it was the most informative of all the social networks.

It gets better. Talking about advertising, Twitter users described ads in a more positive way than Facebook users. Which means there’s room for growth before users get annoyed and stop responding. Personally, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve rarely clicked on a Facebook ad but I have clicked on several promoted Tweets in the past few months. I simply find Twitter’s ads to be more relevant and compelling.

Magid’s study says the average Twitter user is 34 years old. That’s three years young than the overall social media average. Twitter is also 14% Hispanic, compared to 10% across all networks and 31% have annual household incomes over $75k. Only 25% of all social media users fall into that bracket.

Finally, the study found that Twitter users spend 19% more time on social media compared to the average social user. They also spend a lot of time with digital and mobile products:

Looking at activities they do at least once a week:

  • 81% of them watch online video on a computer (compared to 67% among average social media users)
  • 76% use a smartphone (64%)
  • 69% play video games (60%)
  • 54% use a tablet (40%)

So there you have it. Twitter users are younger, more diverse, wealthier, and more socially and technologically inclined than your average social media user.

Sounds like it’s time to stop all those postings on Facebook and spend more time creating posts that are short and Tweet.