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Pin It ChromeA few of our favorite social media players made tweaks to their systems this week. Nothing that’s going to change how the game is played but it’s nice to see them refining their tools for a better experience. (Better experience means more users and more users means more eyes on your ads.)

Pin It for Chrome Gets Smarter

To encouraging more pinning, Chrome users will now see a Pin It button when they mouse over an image.  If you don’t like this functionality, you can shut it off via options then use a right click to access the Pin It button.

Two things jump out at me on this. First is Pinterest’s phrasing:

This makes it easier and faster than ever to save articles, blog posts, recipes, products, and more, and then get back to browsing.

They use the word “save” instead of “share”. Even though I rePin images I want to save to my profile, I always think of pinning new photos as a way of sharing, not saving. Those few letters make a big difference in the mindset. For example, I never think about pinning an article I want to read later or a recipe I might like to try. I would bookmark those on my computer but with a Pin It button on the toolbar, pinning is just as fast and neater if you save a lot of stuff.

The other think I like is their graphic. It makes me think of Star Wars. The Pinterest Death Star approaches!

YouTube Gets Centered

YouTube made a couple of small tweaks to the site today to make the site cleaner and easier to navigate.

new YouTube alignment

The main portion of your screen is now centered with white space on either side. It’s hard to tell from this small screengrab but you’ll notice it if you’re a regular YouTube visitor. Your two main navigation buttons are now above this center panel. “What to Watch” and “My Subscriptions”. Choose one and the center panel switches to that view.

The sidebar now has links to all of your Playlists or the Playlists you’ve liked. You can close this bar by clicking the red drop down next to the YouTube logo. The center portion then expands to fill the page but there’s still plenty of white space.

YouTube says they’ve made it easier to edit your playlists – true, you can now easily move videos up and down on the list and change the thumbnail but you can’t remove it from the edit page. That seems odd.

Twitter Launches Marketing Platform Program

MarketingPlatformPartner_API_badge_140_1Twitter’s had some issues when it comes to playing nice with third-party providers. A year or so ago, they set up the Twitter Certified Partner Program which is their list of approved players. This week, they launched a subsection called The Marketing Platform Program. This is a selection of pre-approved companies that have access to the Twitter Ad-API and / or specialize in Twitter targeted marketing.

They also just welcomed two new Certified Partners into the fold:

Lithium Social Web mines Twitter data for relevant customer discussions and uses the Twitter APIs to drive real-time customer support and marketing engagement. Lithium Social Web powers some of the world’s best customer support on Twitter, including brands like Sony, Time Warner Cable and Virgin Media.

ScribbleLive is a leading curation and publisher engagement tool, helping some of the world’s biggest sites find and display relevant Tweets. You’ve seen ScribbleLive’s work on sites like CNN, ESPN and The Boston Globe.

There you have it. All the social media tweaks you might or might not care about. I just report the news, it’s up to you to use it.


  • Its great to see new things on these sites to improve user’s experience. Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter and i bet a whole lots of other sites out there are trying to improve user’s experience, keep us longer on their sites to max the chances of them making more money from ads.