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film-reel-series-174731-mSo many people Tweet while watching TV that Nielsen now uses those stats to help determine a show’s popularity. Networks are also incorporating more Twitter activity into their programs including hashtags that guide the conversation and live Tweeting from actors and crew. And of course, marketers have learned how to place promoted Tweets alongside the right shows for an even bigger burst of engagement.

If Twitter works so great on the small screen, it’s safe to assume that it will work just as well on the big screen, too!

According to AdAge, Twitter is teaming up with cinema pre-roll ad company NCM Media Networks to further connect with the entertainment-loving audience.

The plan is to create minute-long segments with fresh content from the Twitter stream. The stream would include Tweets from celebs, movie news, perhaps even Tweets from movie goers who are commenting on the film everyone else is about to watch. (No spoilers, please!) They’re also thinking about using hashtags for voting to make the experience instant and interactive.

Imagine you’re in the theater waiting for the next Star Trek film to start. A card pops up asking you to vote for your favorite Star Trek film – each with it’s own hashtag. Who can resist? Half the movie goers already have their cell phones in their hands. They’re going to respond because they’re bored and people love to make their opinions heard. (#WrathofKhan).

A few moments later, the tally shows up on the screen. #WrathofKhan is the winner! Follow that with a Twitter reply that has a link to the Star Trek store. Click. You just made a sale. And, the movie goers won’t even realize what’s happened because they’re just glad to be busy while they wait for the movie to start.

Finding new ways to monetize the stream is only one side of Twitter’s problems. Bloomberg says that fewer people are joining Twitter and the ones that already belong are checking in less often. None of this is good news when you’re trying to sell a promoted Tweet for a hefty chunk of change.

In the future, Twitter plans to work on ease of use issues which include more prominent images and video and ways to organize the timeline. For me, that’s Twitter’s only downfall. There are times when I just want to see portions of my feed, not everything in chronological order but there’s no easy way to get it done.

For me, that means I’ve become one of those people Twitter is worried about – a former power user who is checking in less often.

Is Twitter working for you?



  • Great idea by Twitter and yes i often tweet while watching TV, i bet a lot of people do same as well. Twitter will improve engagement via this method and will also sell more ads as well. Its always about the money, isn’t it?