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Facebook Page Tagging PagesFacebook is finally doing something nice for businesses – so drop everything and listen because this doesn’t happen all that often.

Starting right this minute, when you post to your Page and you tag another Page – Facebook might show your post to the followers of that other Page.

Facebook’s example is confusing because they use Bleacher Report tagging Dwight Howard. Now that seems like they’re tagging a person but it’s really a Page. Now people who follow Dwight Howard might see this Bleacher Report post in their timeline.

Here’s a clearer example. Say I have a Page for my small skateboard shop. I only have 1,000 likes and my Page reach is lousy. So I post a message about a great skate park that I saw on TransWorld. I tag them in the post. They have 805K followers, some of which might see my post. People who are interested in what I sell, might see my post.

Yes. It’s amazing.

Says Facebook:

This already happens with updates from friends — if a friend tags me in a photo, my friends may see this photo in their News Feed even if they’re not friends with the person who tagged me. When we tested adding this feature for Pages we found that people liked seeing this type of content in their News Feeds and gave these stories high scores in surveys.

It’s completely logical. If I’m interested in a topic, I’m interested in seeing posts from a wide range of sources. And, as a reader, it’s fun to discover new sources I might not have found on my own. So Page matching is good for everyone – as long as marketers use it wisely. Tagging Pepsi in your gardening post isn’t going to help you get new followers. The connection needs to make sense and even then you’re hanging your hat on a “maybe.”

Facebook isn’t promising to show every match. That would be too much. Maybe their backend is smart enough to tell whether or not a match makes sense. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess as to which posts will make the feed and which won’t.

Bottom line, you might benefit from tagging another Page. So do your homework and find pages that share a related audience and go for it. When you type your post, type “@” and the name of the Page you want to link to. If you spell it right, it will appear in the drop down below. Click to make it so.

Will it help you increase your followers? No one knows, so just give it a go.