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Here’s the thing about marketing and technology; as soon as you think you’ve got it all figured out, something new comes along and you have to start all over. You could let it frustrate you or you can accept it, get excited by it and make it work for you.

Look at this chart from today’s new Millennial Media Mobile Mix.

Millennial Media Device Charts Feb 2014

These charts show ad impressions by type of device. 2013 on the left compared to 2012 on the right. See the change? The smartphone portion of the pie was smaller in 2013. Not a lot, but smaller. Feature phone impressions grew slightly but most of the shift went to Non-Phone Connected Devices.

The majority of Non-Phone impressions are coming from tablets. Not surprising. 51% of those hits came from iPads but that’s down from 58% in 2012. In the past year, cheaper alternative tablets have flooded the market, so we’re seeing an uptick in both Android and Windows tablet impressions.

So that’s mobile phones and tablets covered – now where do we go from here?

Remember The Jetsons? How crazy is this?

MM Forecasted Growth Connected Devices
I grew up in an era where everything you see on this chart was science fiction. The Enterprise crew could tap a badge on their shirt to communicate. Jane Jetson could make dinner by pushing a few buttons. George Jetson had a car that folded up into a briefcase – no parking problems!

Okay, foldable cars are a long way off but the other ideas, not so much.

For the marketer, wearable technology is the next big thing. A person wearing a pair of Google glasses will get walking directions and coupons when they head out for lunch. Healthcare bracelets will remind people to take their medication or exercise. The party girl will go to the club in a dress that plays music videos on the skirt. And if you’re in the app business. . . wow. . . we haven’t even thought about the concepts we’ll be developing in 2017.

Just look at these growth predictions. 469% growth in smart appliances. 307% growth in connected cars. 370% growth in smart TVs.

The takeaway here is that people are going to get more and more dependent on personal technology. Fewer people will be sitting down in front of a full-size PC to shop or work or play. So we have to rethink the banner ad and the complex websites and Java. We have to start thinking small. How do you reach a customer on a screen the size of a watch? Or earrings that stream music or a postcard-sized screen on the refrigerator?

It’s exciting and it’s coming sooner than you ever imagined.   Are you ready?