Posted February 20, 2014 10:05 am by with 1 comment

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That typical exchange? Worth, wait for it, $19 BILLION!

That’s how much Facebook just paid for messaging service WhatsApp. Who app? Exactly!

WhatsApp is the YouTube of 2014, in that it’s the largest venture back acquisition of our time–earning Sequoia approximately $3B on its $60M investment.

Crazy stuff huh?

While I’m not personally a user of WhatsApp, apparently 400M+ are using the service. That apparently caught the eye of both Google and Facebook, despite Facebook previously turning one of the co-founders down in a job interview. As Pretty Woman once said, “big mistake, huge!”

Steve Jobs once criticized Dropbox as being a feature, not a product. And, that’s kinda how I see WhatsApp. I certainly can’t see why it would be worth $19B, especially when you consider the company has vowed to never sell ads!

I suspect we’ll see that change pretty soon.


  • Demetrius Green

    Whatsapp will not veer from its most imperative and upheld principles, which include: NO ADS! Mark Zuckerberg noticed that the app has over 450 million users; creeping up on 1 billion users (a major milestone for any application) and most of them are not even American users. By that reasoning, with Facebook’s name somehow being associated with Whatsapp(they bought it!) then Facebook presence will be felt in the EU and parts of east Asia where most of the users are accounted for. Amazing…and it may seem like a large lump sum for a single, albeit pervasive app, it will has some major implications for Facebook. Mark my words, that young genius Mark will show everyone.