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I’m not the first to write about this topic yet marketers from every niche are still making the same mistakes and blowing their budgets on display ads that don’t perform.  So before you call it quits… ask yourself if you are making any of these five mistakes.  If so, pay close attention because this is how you can avoid them once and for all.

Mistake 1:  Not selling to the right crowd    

Not all clicks are created equal.  The goal of your ads should never be about getting the most clicks but rather focus on getting relevant clicks.  What’s the point of a thousand curious clicks when they are not from the people who NEED your offer and who ultimately will make a purchase?  Place your ads on well targeted websites – where your ideal customers hang out.

For example, WhatRunsWhere and Trackur are companies that both offer intelligence and monitoring tools to help online advertisers boost their ROI.  Marketing Pilgrim (and more specifically, the Display channel) is a great place for these brands to place their banners because they know the readers are tech savvy, digital marketers who can benefit from such services.


 Mistake 2:  Not split-testing the right variables

Before you deem your campaign a failure, have you tried split testing your ads?  Many advertisers have a whole arsenal of banners ready to fire off but a successful split test consists of changing only ONE variable at a time. There are 6 critical parts of a display ad that you should always split test: content, offer, pricing, creative, call-to-action and banner size.


Mistake 3:  Your call-to-action (CTA) is not getting enough play

It’s been proven time and time again that if you want a specific action to be taken, you will get better results by telling people exactly what to do.  This is no different when it comes to getting your potential customers to click on your banners.  The key however, is to intensify the need to click so those who are “maybe” interested will do so.  Forget using “Click Here” because it’s boring and no longer stands out.  Instead use descriptive words that will guide your customers forward to take a specific action such as “Download Now”, “Click To Save” and “Get A Free Quote”.  To avoid lost opportunities, ensure your CTA is clear and compelling and make them stand out with contrasting colours and different fonts.

Mistake 4:  Sending traffic to your home page

Many advertisers make the mistake of not ensuring that a click fulfils the promise of the ad.  Not only does this create negative goodwill for your brand but your customer will get distracted or frustrated that they can’t find what they are looking for and end up leaving.  Avoid linking to your home page altogether but build customized landing pages that are consistent with the messaging on your ad and don’t make a customer click more than twice to get to where they need to take an action.

For example, if you are advertising a Free Trial on your banner, make sure the page you are linking to clearly shows how it works, where to sign-up for the trial and don’t forget to add options for social sharing.


Mistake 5:  Spending too much time re-inventing the wheel 

If you are in a highly competitive niche, learn from your competitors.  During the design and planning stage, you can use display intelligence tools like WhatRunsWhere to gain insight on the types of banners your competitors are using.  There is no need to start from scratch but simply take the elements that are working and apply them to your own creative and copy.

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