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In case you haven’t noticed, visual imagery is in like Flynn. Pinterest, Instagram, expanded photo options on Twitter and Facebook – it’s a byproduct of our lightening fast, mobile world. If we can see it, we’re more likely to choose it and buy it. So Bing is bringing that idea over to the search page with their new Product Ads.

Bing Product AdThe Product Ad can combine with the traditional text ad as well as an organic text result for a pretty big 1-2-3 punch. In this example, we have fresh flowers from Contoso Floral. Your eye goes right to the beautiful bouquets on the right.

The best thing about these ads is you don’t have to agonize over keywords and ad copy. You just create a Bing Merchant Center Store, upload your catalog of products (there’s a template for that) and then create your campaign. Bing has videos that will walk you through the process but it’s basically about matching your product type (wedding bouquets) to BingAd Groups (spring weddings). You can then further define your target audience by location, demographics, time of day, etc.

Once it’s a go, Bing automatically pulls the image, price and other attributes directly from your catalog. Like text ads, they’re pay per click.

Right now, the Product Ads are only available on the web but Bing says they’ll be moving on to mobile very soon. Here’s a look at how it will look on your average smartphone.

Bing Mobile ProductThis is where images really make a huge difference. When I’m out and about and I stop to shop or research a product on my phone, those photos are going to grab my attention.

While we’re talking mobile, here’s what else Bing has cooking.

  • Mobile ads with location extensions –show searchers a business address that is closest to their location. We’ve seen these generate click-through rates that are 10-30 percent higher than ads without those extensions.
  • Mobile ads with call extensions – call extensions drive phone calls, which business owners tell us are among the most valuable responses to an ad. These ads have delivered up to 30 percent higher click-through rates when compared to similar mobile search ads without call extensions.
  • Mobile site links – allow advertisers the ability to connect with consumers and navigate deeply into a site using a mobile device, so they can find information or execute a transaction more quickly.

On average, shoppers conduct more than 600 million retail searches on the Yahoo Bing Search Network every month. Do you want a piece of that? Head over to Bing Ads and give the new Product Ads a try because a picture is worth at least half the words you cram into a text ad.