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(Not so) Big News! Your Facebook news feed is about to undergo yet another transformation. Are you ready for the big reveal?


Facebook Updated News Feed

Let’s play a game. What’s changed?

Frankly, not that much but it’s still visually very different. First, the page now has a light blue background which makes the left sidebar pop because it’s not widgetized. The central feed and right sidebar are made up of white boxes on the blue background. It’s a little tight for my liking. I wish they’d put more space between the two.

The big change is in the post layouts. Before, the profile icon was off to the side of the post and there were no boundary lines marking the edge of the post. The photos are larger – much larger but Facebook says this won’t change how ads are handled so there’s no need to rethink your creative.

It does mean you should rethink your branded posts. Long, narrow photos hang to the right of the new box leaving unsightly whitespace on the right. They just don’t have the impact of a horizontal photo that fills the frame.

The new design also includes a new font but I don’t see the difference.

Facebook says this new layout is the best of both worlds from the last two rounds of changes. The results from last year’s experiment was high marks for big images but a fail on navigation. This new layout is cleaner and easier to use – or so they say.

Note that this update is purely cosmetic. Sadly, Facebook says they’re not changing how content is delivered. Me? I just want the Pages I follow to show up in my main newsfeed. This remembering to click over to a second feed is insane.

I do think this update makes the news feed easier to scan and that’s good news for everyone. The longer a person stays on site, the more chance they’ll have of seeing your message.

  • I feel like we’ve gone back to 2004 Facebook with this design. Visually, it’s a giant step back in time.

  • Pete K.

    I’m glad I have a 23″ monitor. Now facebook is only half the screen. Terrible decision for this to not scale. My cover photo covers nothing now, looks more like an advertisement banner!