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A new Pew study shows that Facebook is the leading social network for news consumption among U.S. adults.


As you can see 30% of us get our news while on Facebook, if you can really call it “news.” When you dig a little deeper, you discover that the news we’re getting is nothing more than a blend of TMZ, ESPN, and local community gossip:


The research also suggests that 66% of Facebook news consumers don’t like getting their news from news organizations or journalists. I’d imagine they believe the news fairy is the one that seeds the news to Facebook in the first place.

Lastly, while getting visitors to your news website might be easier with Facebook, they tend not to want to stick around long:


It seems to me that the internet is sapping our attention spans–one of the reasons why Repped is less than 200 pages long. I know it’s true for me. I don’t even watch the morning news these days, instead I cut out the fluff with a conscise update from my local morning anchorman:

John Clark WTVD

How about you?

  • Which is amazing given that the “reach” for business/media “pages” is approaching zero.

  • The reason for these stats is that majority of people (normal or marketers) log in Facebook for work and personal reasons but they end up seeing the news in between, when ever they are bored or need something new. And nobody really have got enough time to watch telly at home .But this boost for news niche is plus point for them.