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Last week, Facebook rolled out a new, streamlined design for your personal Facebook news feed. Now they’re carrying those changes over to branded Pages with a few additional tweaks.

Here’s an example of the new layout:

2014 Facebook Page Design

The biggest shift is a return to the old way of doing things. It’s back to a single, top to bottom timeline column on the right side of the page. Yeah! Let me make myself clear. YEAH! The two-column option put more posts above the fold but was horribly confusing, especially when you post dated material such as events and sales. It also created a mess when you pinned or featured a post.

Note to Facebook, now that we have two columns, can we “pin” to the top of the left column? When we pin on the main column, at a glance, it appears that the page isn’t being updated. If we can pin to the left, we can promote an important post and still keep the timeline moving. (Credit to my son for the idea.)

The right hand column will now include all of your business information such as your address, phone, a map (where applicable), and URL. This is also where you’ll find new photos and videos. That’s what Facebook says, but in the image there are still links for these items in the navigation bar. It’s also rumored that any custom tabs will be hidden under the “More” link. That’s bad news.

New for Admins

The new design includes a couple of perks for admins. First, there’s a quick look guide at the top, right side of your header with Page Reach, Likes, Messages, Notifications and number of ads you have running. Notice that the AD reminder is right at the top.

The most interesting addition is the Pages to Watch tool.

Pages to Watch allows admins to watch (spy) on similar pages (competitors) so you can compare your performance (steal their ideas).

On the “Overview” tab of Page Insights admins will see some key stats about the Pages they are watching. The “Posts” tab of Page Insights includes a feature to view the past week’s most engaging posts from the Pages you’re watching.

Faceook Watch PageI guess all of this information is public if you had the time to drill down on each Page. But this tool sure makes it easy to see what’s going on in the space. One word of warning. It’s good to have aspirations, but for your own sanity, don’t use this tool to monitor companies that are out of your league.

It’s nice to see what the big boys are doing, but you’ll gain more if you compare small business apples to small business apples. This way, you’ll not only learn concepts that are doable but if everyone is doing badly, then you won’t feel so bad about your own Page performance.

What do you think of the new Facebook Page layout. I’d give it a 9 out of 10.

  • Sergio Siddi

    How i can set up this type of layout page?

  • Lisa Ruiz

    I don’t like the new set up. I would rather our followers see more of our posts, than if I want to promote, friends, apps etc…That is just more marketing for facebook and not content about my son that they are here for. Change it back please! It was all so convenient before even with page likes from our other pages. There was no need to click on tabs to get information. It was readily available. I also see far less now and you have to use your hands more to keep scrolling! Repeat…Please change back or make two columns that are less confusing….I did like the highlight feature too! I hope that hasn’t been removed! I agree on the pin to top and now that it is a single column people do believe the page has not been updated! <3