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Linked In Content MarketingLinkedIn believes that content = marketing and for the second time in a week, I got to check the “Content Marketing” category box here at Marketing Pilgrim. Two times in one week doesn’t sound like much but with all the social, mobile, social, mobile, it’s nice to see companies talking about what people are talking about!

That’s what content marketing is – articles, infographics, reports, presentations, videos loaded with information that people can use, engage with and share. In the broadest sense, even Tweets and Instagram updates are forms of marketing content but for the purpose of this discussion, we’re going to talk “long form.”

LinkedIn just released two new tools to help companies figure out what to talk about and then gauge the effectiveness of the content that was released into the wild.

Their spiffy release PDF tells us that 41% of US marketers feel that their content is as effective as it could be. Aussie marketers are even harder on themselves with only 38%.

Could be that they’re all turning out wonderful content but they don’t have a tool to measure the effectiveness so they fall down the rabbit hole of doubt.

Enter LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score. The system counts up the number of people who engaged with your content versus how many people are in your target audience and that’s your score. It then compares your score to a benchmark set but others in your industry and makes recommendations on how you could do better next time.

To help you do better, LinkedIn has also installed a Trending Topic tool. The tool, which is broken down by subject matter, shows trending keywords and the most shared pieces of content within those keywords.

Here’s a snapshot of the marketing segment on the Trending Tool test site.

LinkedIn Trending MarketingThe image is from the top story. To the right is a list of the top fifteen most shared stories with links to the articles. Below that, the top three keywords and audience share by topic over the course of the month. This is valuable information that’s easy to absorb. Spend one minute on this page and you’ve got your game plan for the rest of the week.

Excited? Here’s where I smash all your dreams. Right now, the tool is only available to customers with a LinkedIn account rep. If you want in, you have to request access and wait for a LinkedIn marketing rep to contact you. I don’t understand that tactic. Here’s a tool that could help everyone on the system but you’re only letting the big boys use it? Is it supposed to be a bonus for advertisers who spend big bucks on the site? Is it too hard to maintain on a large scale basis or what?

What I’m hoping is that this is just a beta test and eventually the tool will be free to use for anyone who wants to improve their content marketing.

Want to learn more? Check out the cute intro video from LinkedIn.