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Today, I am Old Mother Hubbard – my cupboard is bare. That means I must make a trip to the grocery store and since I’ve been well-trained by the two chains I visit, I’ll first visit the web to add digital coupons to my loyalty card. I do it so automatically anymore that I forget how new this concept is. A year ago, I was heading to the store with a fist full of not-so-carefully cut bits of paper. Now I click and go.

The newly released Valassis Shopper Marketing Report shows that digital couponing is a growing trend, especially with Millennials. 40% of shoppers surveyed said their coupon usage has increased over the past year. 24% said that their use of a smartphone to get deals has also increased.

Smartphones are a must-have if you’re into digital couponing:

Valassis Shopper Digital Coupons

A whopping 92% of Millennial coupon hunters download digital coupons to a loyalty card before heading to the store. But a large number also add coupons while they’re at the store. I’ve been known to do this but here’s the thing. One of my grocery stores has bad cell reception which keeps me from participating in many of their digital coupon offers. (Bad news for you, Mr. Grocer.)

My local Vons has excellent cell reception which means it’s easy to use my digital shopping list and load coupons. Guess what – because I have cell access to coupons I spend more time in the store searching out deals.

Prior to the mobile app age, I used to spend a lot of time looking for printables on the internet. If found most of them thanks to  vigilant coupon bloggers and coupon forums. These days, I don’t bother with those places because I find the coupons the way 71% of those surveyed do – I hear about them on social media.

Valassis Shopper Social Media Coupons71% of shoppers actively searched for a coupon online after hearing about it on social media. That’s a two-step process. First, marketers need to spread the word via social media, but they also have to make sure that coupon can be found via search.

As much as people seem to be embracing the digital coupon age, 52% still said they prefer to receive their coupons via the newspaper. Even 61% of millennials said they’d rather get coupons by mail than digitally. I guess some habits die hard.

Overall, the Valassis survey shows that millennials are savvy shoppers. They’re more likely to showroom and combine different types of coupons to get an even lower deal. 92% said they use the coupons they have to plan their shopping list and 51% (more than any other age group) said their coupon use has increased over the past year.

The one downside for retailers and marketers is that millennials don’t want to just save a little, they want to save a lot. They’re not likely to bother with a 25 cents off coupon – they want high value deals and they’re more likely to shop at stores that offer double or triple coupon days. Here in California, those days are mostly over – sigh.

Want to learn more about the coupon shopper? You can download the Valassis Shopper Marketing Report for free right here.