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man womanNielsen just posted some numbers that show the differences in how men and women approach buying a mobile phone. As I skimmed the list, I wondered if the same couldn’t be said for all types of shopping. For example, women said price was the most important consideration when buying a new mobile phone. (72%  vs  67% of men.) Since women are the primary coupon users, it makes sense that they’d be more price conscience.

Men, on the other hand, were far more interested in a phone’s features. They were more interested in battery life, internet connectivity, and screen size. They were way more interested (41% vs 31%) in processor speed which I have to admit is something I never thought about when buying a phone. They were also more likely to be swayed by the operating system. (48% vs 41%)

The only features that were more interesting to women were the phone’s ability to take photos and the styling of the phone itself. Wow. I could make a comment about that but . . .

Nielsen says women also approach social media from a different angle. 65% of women said staying in touch with family and friends was their primary reason for visiting a social media network. Only 53% of men chose that answer. Women said social media allowed them to be creative (photos and writing) and it was entertaining. Men were more likely to log on for business reasons and for dating.

My favorite fact in the whole pitch? Men trust advertising more than women do. Branded websites, magazines, TV, radio – across the board, the trust percentage fell on the male side of the fence.

Even less surprising is the list of advertising themes that resonate with men and women:

types of adsBasically, men want action and sex. Women respond to heart and family. And everyone loves to laugh, gawk at celebs and aspire to a better life. If you can create a funny ad about a dog driving a car – you’re golden.

  • The truth is that we all have different things we look out for while choosing mobile phones to buy. Women are not that interested in specifications and configurations provided the phone can meet their needs like calls, sms and social media activities but its different with guys, we need to know what the device is made of and how good it is. Am not surprised at the data.