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It’s a big day for images. First Bing launches their new image-centric Product Ads and now Twitter is making their world more visual with two new features.

We begin with tagging. You can now tag up to 10 people in a Twitter photo without eating into your 140 character limit. That’s crazy huge and it sounds a little bit like what we were discussing earlier about Twitter becoming more Facebook-like. . . I mean. . user friendly.

Phototagging on TwitterWhen you upload a photo, you’ll get the “who’s in this photo” prompt. Type a name, choose from the suggestions and go. The people you tagged will get notifications just as if you “@” mentioned them. Twitter realizes that this could get annoying if you’re a popular (or extremely unpopular) person, so you can switch your privacy level from “anyone can tag me” to “only people I follow.” If you don’t want to get tagged at all, don’t let people take your picture in the first place.

Here’s where I see this going crazy. I have a lot of fangirl friends who post celebrity images from conventions. Many of these actors are on Twitter. If they don’t throw that privacy switch, they’re going to be inundated with tag notifications after every convention.

From a marketing standpoint, I’m not sure tagging will help you in any substantial way. It might be a useful way of sharing event photos with special guests. The only thing that makes this better than simply mentioning someone is that you can hit 10 people at once without running out of characters. I guess that’s a good thing.

The second improvement is excellent for marketers. It’s the ability to share up to 4 photos in one Tweet. I love this because I often want to send multiple images that belong together but hate the idea of eating up the feed with multiple posts in a row. Now you can share ten photos in just three Tweets. That’s nice.

MultiUpload TwitterFour photos lay out beautifully on a mobile device. Imagine highlighting your new product offerings or event photos in a Tweet like this.

And you can tag up to 10 people per photo. . . does that mean I can tag 40 people in a 4 photo Tweet. . . . ?

Geez, these tools are supposed to make my social media life easier but now I have even more things to think about when I Tweet.

What are you thinking about? Useful new marketing tools or not so much?