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Twitter HQTwitter is getting serious. Serious about growth. Serious about ad dollars. Serious about reinventing themselves.

Driving the bus down these new roads is former YouTube executive Baljeet Singh. He’s the man who invented the skippable pre-roll ad on YouTube, so let’s all bow down and give him thanks. (I know this is a marketing blog and I should be pro-advertising but those pre-roll ads make me crazy.)

Now he’s tasked with bringing some of that YouTube revenue juice over to Twitter.  The Verge says he’ll be working on adding more video to the Twitter feed and ways of making video more discoverable. He’ll also be working to sell more Promoted Tweets with video and maybe even pre-roll video ads on every Tweeted video.

Really? I know video is all the rage and it’s a heck of a money-maker for YouTube, but that’s all YouTube does. The site is built to handle video. I don’t even like watching videos on Facebook because of the size of the frame. But now, you expect me to watch videos on my iPhone Twitter feed? I don’t get it. That’s not what Twitter is for.

Digiday says Twitter is also testing Click-to-Call buttons on Twitter ads. Love the concept of shortening the line between the consumer and the seller but let’s think this through. . . . . I’m Tweeting pictures of my lunch and. . . . .No, I’m watching TV and reading fan reactions to the show on Twitter and. . . No. My car broke down and I need to call a tow truck so I go on Twitter and. . .

No. Sorry. No matter how I work it, I can’t think of a circumstance where I would see an add on Twitter then use the click-to-call button for more information.

On Google. Sure. I’m looking for a local supplier of packing peanuts. So I search Google. Find a shop near me then click-to-call to see if they have them in stock. Makes perfect sense. But can we really train people to search on Twitter? Facebook tried it and it was a bust.

Look, they call these SOCIAL media sites for a reason. They exist to facilitate socializing between people. Sometimes businesses get in on the socializing, and as a by-product, they might gain a new customer. But I cannot imagine a world where Twitter is the first place people check when they’re looking to make contact with a business.

Want me to check-in more often? Give me filter buttons in the sidebar so I can instantly click to see just my TV friends, just the news, just my Techy friends, etc. You can even run an ad in that sidebar just above those filters and I promise I won’t complain.

Come on, Twitter. Forget video. Forget click-to-call and work on refining what made you great in the first place – short burst messaging in real time.