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animoto biz video 1From a product demo to a tour of a restaurant, consumers have an unfulfilled need for more business videos. 58% of consumers say companies that produce videos are more trustworthy. 71% said a video leaves a positive impression of a company and 77% said companies who post videos are more engaged with the customers.

Caveat time – the data and the graphics come from a new survey and infographic by Animoto. They’re a online tool that helps businesses make really cool videos on the fly. Video is their baby but there are some very interesting stats in the pack.

Almost everyone they surveyed said that videos helped them make a purchase decision. 93% said they use them to comparison shop.

I look for videos when I’m thinking of paying for an online tool or digital product but the average consumer takes it a step further.

Consumers want to see more video for all kinds of products and services:

  • Electronics (57 percent)
  • Restaurants (39 percent)
  • Travel (34 percent)
  • Exercise/fitness (33 percent)

I was surprised to see restaurants so high on the list. I don’t think I’ve ever watched (or thought about watching) a restaurant tour video before going out to eat. I might if I was booking a restaurant for an event. It would be a good place to start instead of wasting gas driving to locations that won’t work.

I often check out photo-galleries before booking a hotel but a video would be even better. Now I’m wondering why more hotels don’t post videos. . . .

42% of those surveyed said they want to see more product description and demo vids. They want to see all angles of a product and they want to see it being used and they want video instructions.

More video doesn’t mean longer videos. 83% said under five minutes is ideal. More than that and you’re wasting your time.

Here are two more surprising facts:

  • 84% want to see more videos on Amazon
  • 64% want to see more video on Ebay

I sell on both of these sites and have only just started playing around with video on eBay listings. As soon as I’m done here, I’m going to see if I can upload a video to my Amazon page. Never thought about it before. . .

Let’s end this post and this week on a fun note – Video Watching Confessions. Where do you watch?

animoto video confession