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adobe comments upIt’s not just me this time. Facebook Page owners from every size and type of business are talking about how Facebook simply isn’t working for them anymore. Likes have slowed. Posts don’t show up in the newsfeed. Ads don’t convert.

Adobe says we’re wrong. According to the new Adobe Digital Index Q1 2014 Social Intelligence Report, “Facebook is back at the top of the mountain.”

I wouldn’t usually question a source like Adobe. They did put in the effort, analyzing over 250 billion Facebook ad impressions and 226 billion posts. So, I’m sure the numbers are correct – but I still find them hard to believe.

Maybe I’m missing something?

The chart on the right does show something we’ve all been complaining about – likes are dropping. It’s not a huge drop off and it’s still the lion’s share of engagement but there’s a drop off YOY.

What we lost in Likes we gained in Comments and Shares. This is interesting because it takes more effort to comment and share. To me, both of those are worth more than a “like” which is just too easy. (And yesterday we learned that many people like before they even read.) Taken as a whole, I guess this is good news.

Joe Martin, a senior analyst at ADI also says,

“People are clicking through to the ads they are seeing. Click-through rates are up year over year and quarter over quarter. The new Autoplay feature for video seems to be working, as well. There have been huge amounts of video plays, and engagement rates are up. Even though people have expressed frustration over the algorithm changes by Facebook, there’s good news in the data for brands.”

What he’s saying is that the algorithm changes aren’t hurting brands. . . brands that PAY for Facebook ads. Right? Because that’s what we’re talking about here, paid ads.

A few more facts:

  • Facebook produces 75% of traffic to Retail sites, up 2% year-over-year and 13% quarter-over-quarter.
  • Pinterest referred traffic to Retail is up 59% year-over-year, but down 56% quarter-over-quarter.
  • Facebook referred revenue per visit is up 11% year-over-year and 2% quarter-over-quarter.
  • Twitter referred revenue per visit is up 5% year-over-year and down 23% quarter-over-quarter.

I’m sensing a pattern.

And speaking of patterns, ADI found one when they looked at engagement over the days of the week. Friday is the one – it’s by far the best day for comments, shares, and likes. It’s also the day 25% of videos are played and 15.7% of impressions are made.

It paints a picture, doesn’t it? Millions of bored workers playing around on Facebook on Friday afternoon while they wait for the clock to tick down. Too funny. But hey, it works. So if you’ve got great content to share, Friday is the day to do it.

How’s Facebook working out for you these days?

  • I’m not pretty sure but I’ve being reaching great results by using facebook lately. By the way I’m gonna pay atention to your tips and see what happens next. Thanks a lot.