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FB Newswire TwitterPart of my job is to search the internet for news stories so I can keep my readers informed about what’s happening in the world. I can’t read scan every site every day, so I – like most journalists, depend on curators to help me sort out the important topics from the meh topics.

Imagine my surprise when I heard that Facebook was launching a Newswire service, “a resource that will make it easier for journalists and newsrooms to find, share and embed newsworthy content from Facebook in the media they produce.”

Imagine my surprise when I learned that you can access Facebook Newswire on Twitter! Isn’t that like the President of McDonalds eating lunch at Burger King?

I wonder if they have a Google+ page, too. . . .

Facebook Newswire is powered by Storyful. What Storyful does is scan all of the user generated news content including photos and videos, verifies the validity and then delivers the most compelling stories to the audience. That’s quite a trick.

Let’s see what’s happening on the all-new Facebook Newswire powered by Storyful

FB newswire
Seriously? I know you’re going to think I searched long and hard to find something that inane but it was actually the 5th post on the feed and it was bigger and bolder than the rest. I believe that means it’s getting more attention than the other Tweets in the feed. I know why it’s getting more attention and it’s not good. It’s also not news unless you’re TMZ and I doubt they need Facebook to find this for them.

I also chose to screencap instead of use the embed link because I have a feeling this post will soon disappear.

It’s only the first day. I’m sure they’ll get the hang of this. . . . or not.

I can’t really put this all off on Facebook. The majority of the bolded stories are fluff or entertainment pieces; the cat cafe, Beyonce excited to be on the cover of TIME, Obama bows to a robot. This is not to say there aren’t important stories in the feed, they’re just buried.

Facebook says that journalists and media organizations are an integral part of Facebook so this is their way of helping “deepen” the relationship.

The shame of it is, Facebook is in a good position to do just that. With its global reach, Facebook has the ability to take citizen journalism to the next level. We’ve seen some incredible photos and videos from first hand witnesses to everything from a natural disaster to political revolution.

With the combined power of Facebook and Storyful, we could all bear witness to some incredible stories just moments after they happen. Is that what FBNewswire will become? Or will it be another brilliant idea that’s tried and abandoned in the internet field of dreams?

Check it out at Facebook at and on Twitter at @FBNewswire.