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Cynthia Googleplus viewsGoogle+ added a view counter to everyone’s profile page this week and I’m just catching up. Here’s mine.

I was actually quite surprised to see that I had more than 16,000 views. I rarely ever post to my account but YouTube has been doing some posting for me. Still. . . a lot of views for so few followers.

Google says the number equals the number of times your content has been seen by other people, including your photos, posts, and profile page. (Give or take)

Wil Wheaton has 73,452,925. Our own Andy Beal has 178,045 views. How many views do you have?

Clearly Google+ is trying to make a point about how active the site is but it’s depressing if your numbers don’t add up. And views are public by default so you might want to switch them off if yours are lacking.

Go to Home > Settings > Profile. Then uncheck the box at the bottom.

Profile Show number

Next question. How often will these numbers be updated? It’s not calculating in real time. I interacted with Wil Wheaton’s page for several minutes and it didn’t change. I scrolled, read, +1’d a post. Nothing. Apparently this number isn’t meant to be an accurate accounting, just a ballpark number to make you feel special or awful about your popularity.

Bottom line? For people who have really big numbers it’s a nice bit of PR. For companies with lousy numbers it could influence a new customer’s decision to stick around. Could. . . but most likely, the view counter won’t change anything at all.

  • Kyoodai

    It is very good information, especially for those using Google+ as a marketing tool.

    Hope they do not like facebook that hides the access after a certain amount.

  • I suspect that in the long run the view counts will become yet another power law driving influence. Those with the most views will get more views. Those with the fewest views will get fewer views. Competitive marketers will probably disable their view counts until they at least have thousands.

    Google can’t seem to get its head ouf of PageRank-like valuations so maybe they’ll use viewcounts in some stupid way based on which most-viewed accounts interact with other accounts.

    • I don’t agree. I started out with just a couple followers, then worked out to steadily increase my followers over time. I remember when I had 5, then 20, then 50, then 200 followers. With each new influx I got more excited. It was an amazing experience when I reached 1,000. Now I’m currently at close to 3,000 followers (2,746 atm, to be exact). I could get up to 1,000,000 followers if I really wanted to, but it’s not really a priority right now. Everyone can get influence if they provide content that everyone can love and appreciate, and engage effectively with their audience.

      • Most people will never get past a certain number of followers (or views). We don’t know where that threshold is on Google+ but there will always be one.

        Of course, some people will resort to fakery but social media metrics tend to follow the same patterns.

        • There’s no reason why there should be any kind of threshold

          • You should read up on basic statistics and distribution theory. That’s just the way things work.

          • You should learn the difference between thresholds and relative distribution efficiency. There’s no limit to how many followers or views a Google+ user can have, only differences in relative difficulty in acquiring new followers, and in the time, effort, and resources required to achieve the same level of influence and engagement. Thresholds refer to the maximum amount one can potentially gain within the given system. There is a threshold for how many people you can follow on Google+ (5,000 people), butt no such limit exists, either theoretically or in practice, on the maximum followership or engagement levels attainable.

          • You obviously don’t understand what I’m talking about. There are always threshold points. They cannot be avoided. Whether you are talking about percentiles, distributions, percolations, etc. there are always points in the data where you have something over HERE and something else over THERE — those are thresholds. In social media there are ALWAYS average numbers of whatever (views, shares, followers, etc.) and mean numbers of whatever — and those are threshold points, too.

  • Chery Schmidt

    I had no idea about the counter to profile pages on G+, I did go and look and sure enough, there it was. How sweet is that. I have been working on my G+ strategy since the first of the year looks to me like it must be working here by my numbers.. Sweet Share.. Thanks Chery :))

    P.S. I did end up on your blog today Via Kingged where I also commented and kingged this post..

  • cynthialil

    Following up, Wil Wheaton’s G+ views went from 73,452,925 to 73,565,167 in 24 hours. So the needle does move and wow, how do I get some of that?

  • Arnie Kuenn

    150,599 views. Like Michael, I wonder what Google will do with these numbers…. if anything.

  • Ashlee Carson

    Does anyone know what happened to the number of +1s your page has?

    • Brandi

      Hi Ashlee,
      I was just wondering the same thing. I started a little internal competition over here using that as the metric. 🙁 Please let me know if you find it.

      • Ashlee Carson

        I’ve commented on a few other blogs and still haven’t found a way to see that number. Our SEO pro in the office said our MOZ report is still showing our +1s for now but I’m just waiting to see when they update their numbers. I’ll let you know if I find anything else.

        • I stand corrected. Seems they removed it. I didn’t even notice o.O

    • It’s still there. why, you can’t find it?

      • Ashlee Carson

        Nope, I don’t see it on my personal page or the business page I manage. Just the number of followers and views on that page.

  • UK Tutoring Services – Cambodi

    It doesn’t mean “Jack S**T. We did a little experiment this month and went from 684 views to over 275,000. We have about 200 followers. Yes, we got some more traffic to the site and a couple of more clients but it’s just Google’s way of giving you all a little tickle on the tummy and saying thanks for showing us loyalty, as opposed to using FB. Google + is still ” The Walking Dead ” of all the social media platforms.

    • Kit Yip

      well, that’s really sad cause I got 87,721 views with 12 followers, so that’s not real

      • Kanishk Singh

        I’ve got about 7 followers and my view count is 918,842

        • @Kanish those are some pretty obsessive followers you have there 😀

          • Kanishk Singh

            The views are a approximate total of the times your content is viewed by people. This includes Youtube Comments, G+ Shares as well as Profile hits.

  • Brian Dane

    holy crap I have 76,670 views

  • the view counter appears to be rushing too fast, I guess it counts every time someone visits your website that has the g+ widget somewhere on the page. May be no ?
    But I don’t see a reason to display a big number like that. It should be shortened

    And by the way, I saw the views number missing on certain google plus profiles/pages. How do you do that ?

  • EternalYawn

    This is a joke. Google Plus is not an important tool and never will be. Quit hoping to dupe the public and yourselves. Fizzle out already and stick to being what you will always be….a search engine.

    • lol EternalYawn you are so short-sighted. Google is innovating in more ways than you can imagine. Self-driving cars, balloon-networked global WiFi, Google Glass, not to mention their wildly successful Chromebook, Android, and Chrome browser. If you can’t see the success of Google outside its beginning as a search engine, you’re got to be blind!

    • Nicole

      Maybe check out the options with pictures… then tell me its dumb. The back up, stories, and so on is AWESOME. Since I noticed these features with G+ I have started using it much more. Plus, the chat feature is WAY better on G+ than it is on facebook. While FB will still be my main Social network, G+ is amazing for chatting, pictures and blogs.

  • wilse

    i like the profile view counter. makes me update my profile now more often

  • Miroslav Dochev

    1 follower|10,743 views

  • I jumped from < 30,000 views to over 125,000 in 2 months after I syndicated my blog 'Spiritual Spew' and began adding a large group of YouTube videos. Since I am spreading Peace and Love, I am grateful for each and every view no matter where they come from.. Love and Blessings

  • Luxferro

    Somehow mine has 2.6M views (only have few friends in my circles, and follow maybe a dozen things).. and I only have like 2-3 things posted on it. I do use my google pics on forums, and post comments on tech type stuff on popular G+ pages. maybe it takes that into account. I wonder if it also takes into account of Google Play store reviews and comments?

    • Simon B.

      Probably counts everything they can possibly count. G+ needs big numbers

  • Jamie Wise

    I have 15 Followers and 685,000 views. Seems legit.

  • 602,111. I’ve worked very hard engaging online to reach that figure, though recently I haven’t been using Google+ much, owing mostly to a dearth of free time for the kind of active social networking I used to indulge in 😉

  • John Butch

    For some reason I have over 2 million views with only 1 follower and I don’t post any videos, pictures, or take part in any social media features of google plus. This leads me to believe that the numbers are inflated.

    • Lakota in Austin

      No, your one follower is just an extremely obsessed stalker. But seriously, it’s beyond “inflated.” This is yet another Google gimmick designed to inflate Google+ stats so that they can claim that the site is being used.

  • Ethan

    3 followers, get this, 2.5 million views.

    • R.H.

      I feel better now about mine, it increases by about 200 every time I revisit it, and here I took it seriously, sigh

  • Emad Al Sagheer

    I have 1,099,372 views and I am not even that active!!!

  • MisterB Gone

    861 followers with 689,096 views.

  • Lilly Okami

    80,000 views, 8 followers????

  • Ivan

    Lol this is quite funny I have 40k views, but still I don’t get why…

  • Richard Green

    34 followers, 16,555 views why isn’t it growing?

  • Jennifer Esparza

    In google on my page I have 11,965 views and followers in google page in my page are 11

  • Teddy ‘O Ryan

    might be because of your posts, and whats your target audience

  • Lakota in Austin

    At first I thought these ridiculous view counts were due to spidering or bots, but now I’m wondering if it could be driven by comments on linked websites like YouTube. If you comment in YT, replies are often viewed in G+ via clicking the notification and the drop-down being G+. Maybe every time anyone looks at such a comment thread, it’s counted as a view of your own page simply because you happen to have posted a comment there. It doesn’t mean people are going to your G+ account, but your comment is linked to G+ and a view of the comment thread is probably counted as a view of every commenter’s G+ page. This is just twisted and it creeps me out. Google is sleazy. Love most of their products, hate their marketing and poly-tentacled global online hegemony.

  • Cogniscentum

    1 follower, 400k views. WTF? Who are these viewers?

    I need a new email account that doesn’t expose my actual name 400K times, whatever that means.

  • Like you said, it takes into account the number of times your content has been seen, so the number of followers doesn’t matter, just the quality of the content and the size of your digital footprint.

  • Touka Kun

    1055 Followers but only 492,458 Q~Q

  • SinPei Lim

    2 follower, 10,991 views

  • ahmad

    12 followers|23,030 views

  • I don’t use Google plus so I have 1 follower but no posts or shared content and 43, 000 views. Where have they come from? I’ve posted comments on youtube 3 times this year, could that be it?

  • ruben craveiro

    598 followers 1,637,924 views