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This past February, US retail sales were up 1.5% over last year. Big deal, right? How about this: US ecommerce sales were up 10% year-over-year. Let’s go one better:  mobile ecommerce was up 45% compared to the same period in 2013. Amazing.

Custora Pulse did the calculations and look what’s happening here. Smartphone sales are up from 5% to 9%. Tablets are up from 8% to 10%. But look at Desktop! Sales dropped from 87% to 81%.

The overwhelming majority of sales are coming in on an iOS platform (78%) but Android is up over last year 22% vs 17%. Android isn’t taking over the lead any time soon but this is a good indicator of how many new smartphones are landing in the hands of shoppers.

Custora Feb 2014

When we add February to January, ecommerce is up 12.5% over last year. But here’s a funny thing, average order value year-to-date is down slightly. Probably just a fluke. I’d bet it will straighten itself out in another few months.

Flipping to the marketing side, here’s what worked and what didn’t in February 2014.

Custora Feb 2014 channels

These are the channels that drove people to shop online. Organic still rules. There’s nothing better than customers seeking out what you have to sell because they have an immediate need. CPC is in the number two spot with more conversions than the previous year. Email is also up claiming 18% of the conversions.

On the not so effective side we have Affiliate sales at only 7% and that’s down from 9% the year before. Display and Social should actually be flipped on this chart but it hardly matters given the low percentage of conversions for either one.

Overall, not a bad month for ecommerce. Valentine’s Day might have given sales a small boost. I’m anxious to see the numbers for March. If my ecommerce sales are any indicator, we’ll see a drop in this non-holiday month.

What’s your guess for March? A rise in ecommerce sales over last year? A dip or just about the same?